Blueparrot S650-XT is a 2-in-1 flagship headphone for complete freedom while driving

How many times have you longed for those headphones to be a potent headset and vice versa? With the Blueparrot S650-XT you get the best of both worlds without any compromises, and your wish granted. A flagship-grade convertible headphone that’s meant to give you the freedom of crystal-clear hands-free calls when driving.

ANC headphones come in plenty, there’s no dearth on the market for sure. But rarely do we come across a dual-duty audio listening accessory that solves two purposes in one. Case in point, as a potent headset for taking up call, and a quality headphone for listening to music on the go. The end-user for this cool audio accessory, well, drivers who are mostly on the road. Although the designer envisions Blueparrot S650-XT for the tough truckers, the audience could be much wider than that. Anyone who has to take a lot of calls in the daytime, and as the evening hits, have quality audio beaming pair of cans to wind-off listening to music.

Designer: Doyle Wang

This cool design is a part of the Blueparrot JAWS project which aims to bring flagship-level 2-in-1 convertible wireless headset to the end-users who actually need them. The convertible S650-XT headset promises safe hands-free communication for taking calls while driving in mono mode where the earcup on the right-hand side is completely removable. When it’s time to jive to some grooves, the Blueparrot turns into an ANC headset again by reconnecting the earcup.

Durability is going to be the key for rugged use and the Blueparrot’s offering doesn’t disappoint. It gets the IP5-rated protection for dust, water and moisture protection for any kind of harsh conditions that you might encounter. The headset has a range of 100 meters which is quite impressive, and 36 hours of talk time limit before you need to recharge them. So, the 2-in-1 headphone is well tailored for the long haul. Add to the mix, the customizable button for fast access to favorite functions (including speed dial, mic mute or push-to-talk) and you are destined for maximum freedom while on the go.