This customizable multi-screen monitor comes with detachable screens for flexibility of use

A detachable multimonitor setup that reduces clutter on your desk – bringing the multitasking capability of a triple screen setup while having the flexibility of shifting back to a single screen setup without much hassle.

Multiple monitor setups are high on productivity for professionals while looking absolutely stunning in a geeky desk setup. Be it at the office or at home, a multi-monitor PC setup has become more or less a staple for anyone who has to sit in the front of the screen for an extended duration of time for focus-oriented tasks. A major chunk of users go for a dual monitor setup, while some even go all the way up to a three monitor setup. Just imagine gaming on that multiple arrays of screens for a more immersive experience.

Designer: Kester

So why am I delving so much in-depth into a multiple monitor setup, and its inherent advantages? Because there is a chinch in the armor when multiple monitor setup’s not so palpable disadvantage is brought to light. It takes up a lot of space, and if you need to decrease the number of monitors you’ll be working on (just on that odd occasion) the only option is to pick up the high res screen away from your desk. This leaves me with a question – why not have ultra-portable slim screen attachments that can fit the existing screen, as and when the need arises?

The Flux by Loughborough Design’s graduate student Kester, addresses my long-burning query for good. It is a bezel-less monitor with rounded corners that comes with the flexibility of adding modules, or I should say additional displays, to the main monitor and creating a customizable multi-monitor setup. While the user reaps the advantages of the traditional multiple screen setup, the disadvantage of eating up more space on the desk is simply not an issue with this concept design.

Those extra displays can be attached in a jiffy to the main screen to the left, right and the top – depending on the user’s needs. This idea is somewhat similar to the Compal Airttach laptop we came across last year, but the Flux is more about bringing flexibility to your desk setup. Any point in time if this concept meets fruition, I just want that large eye-sore stand to be slimmer and compact.