This minimalist coffee maker ditches all of the frills for a single-button operation

Muuto is a minimalist coffee maker made from ceramic steel that operates with the click of a single button.

For all that coffee provides to get us through hectic workdays and our busy lives, sometimes all we need is a no-frills coffeemaker that even our sleepy brains can operate. Plus, when all the extra mechanics and crowded control panels are out of the equation, minimalist coffee makers just look better in modern homes.

Designer: PDF Haus

When all we want is a cup of coffee, the frills can take the backseat. The Muuto Coffee Maker from PDF Haus is a minimalist coffee maker that ditches all the bells and whistles for a clean, elemental build.

Intuitive by design, the Muuto Coffee Maker is like the electric kettle’s older, edgier cousin. The only button on the entire operation is an easy-click power key located on Muuto’s main, rounded chamber. A small LED light can be found just above the main power switch and indicates three different signals to users: on, off, and fill.

When the light glows white, that means that Muuto is powered on and ready to brew. When the LED turns red, then the water basin needs to be refilled before brewing can begin. When the LED light doesn’t reveal any color, then users can rest assured their coffee maker is powered off.

Equipped with a removable filter basin and compartment, users will find a familiar setup underneath the chamber’s lid. Drawing water from a detachable water reservoir, a built-in water dripper pours water over the filter and coffee grounds for brewing.

By the looks of it, Muuto is built from ceramic steel for a truly elemental look, supplying the steel with a textured feel. From top to bottom, Muuto is a no-frills coffee maker that’s ideal for any modern kitchen.

PDF Haus conceptualized Muuto in an array of soft colors, ranging from sage green to a taxi yellow. 

The ceramic steel body frames the glass hardware for a warm touch.

Muuto is a no-frills coffee maker that can be used intuitively. 

The removable water basin can be taken out and removed after use.

The LED light signals to users when Muuto needs more water.