Remember Your Pants

Remember that post I did just the other day? The one about the metal pants. Well there’s more! There’s a whole range! It’s called the “Dual Range” and it aims to take your home to a new level of simplicity and versatility. Explore with me, if you will, six new concepts that do one of my favorite things: cram two things into one.

First, the “Notch” – you already know a little bit about this from the post we had before. It’s a side table and stool with a handy little notch in the middle to hold your book open.

Second, “Notch+,” what the! It’s just basically a smaller, more square version of the Notch, right? Well check it out- the squareness of this situation increases the stackability tenfold!

Third, the “Lean” – a board with lots of notches in it. Each notch is able to hold a whole lot of material, especially made-for-hanging clothing.

Fourth, the “Lean MIRROR.” This is the one I’d want most. Only thing is, I wouldn’t hang a belt on there for fear of scratching the surface with the metal buckle.

Fifth, the “Myriad.” This is a magnetic messageboard, whiteboard for writing, shelf, and hanger system. What else could possibly be crammed!?

Sixth and last is the “Dual Clock” which is such a simply good idea I cannot believe it hasn’t been thought of before. It’s a clock. It’s a messageboard. Write on it, erase it, love it.

Designer: Alex Bradley Design




Dual Range by Alex Bradley Design