PAAVA Portable Speaker won’t easily fall or slide off a surface

PAAVA Speaker Concept Design

How do you address the issue of a portable speaker rolling and falling? Some models don’t even have a proper grip, so they easily slide off a surface. An industrial designer came up with a new design that won’t easily fall off.

Stalin Jr., an architect and industrial designer, designed the PAAVA Portable Speaker with the bowling pin as an inspiration. With the cylindrical design of different sizes, the problem of rolling and falling off is solved. The speaker measures 250mm in height (about 9.8-inches) and 150mm (5.9-inches). The design offers a secure grip so it won’t tumble off.

Designer: Stalin Jr.

Concept PAAVA Speaker Design

Instead of speaker fabric, the designer applied a different technique. The speaker grill area appears to be sliced horizontally, reminding us of a sliced avocado. We are assuming the material of the Bluetooth speaker is plastic, as with most wireless speakers today.

There appears to be a recessed portion on the body and head portion of the PAAVA Speaker. A single USB-C port is found underneath for charging. On top of the bowling pin-shaped speaker or its crown are the usual buttons that appear to be touch-enabled. We see the power on/off, previous/next, and volume up/down buttons.

PAAVA Speaker Design Concept

The PAAVA Portable Speaker will not fall off when you push it like those weighted, inflatable punching bags for kids. It looks nice in different colors, and for this design, Stalin Jr. tried several color options like Tangerine, White, Purple, Navy Blue, Black, and Mint Blue. You can probably line up a few speakers and try hitting them with a ball. They may not fall off, though; just wobble and dance.

PAAVA Portable Speaker Design

Does it look like a bowling pin or an avocado? Others will say it reminds them of a penguin. However you see the PAAVA Speaker, we think this design can be advantageous. It’s a new deviation from the speakers in the usual block, spherical, or cylinder form.

If you like this PAAVA Portable Speaker from the designer, you may also like his previous creation. He was the same guy who introduced the Elle compact dishwasher shaped like an elephant. Stalin has a number of other interesting designs that we find intelligent and functional. This zealous designer’s style is more inclined towards human-centric design. He often turns complex ideas into more straightforward stories, providing solutions and opportunities to problems.

PAAVA Portable Speaker Concept

PAAVA Speaker Details

The PAAVA Portable Speaker aims to offer a more meaningful and convenient listening experience. It’s only a concept design that we hope can be transformed into reality. Of course, we’re hoping audio quality will be just as excellent as it is innovative.

PAAVA Speaker

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