Off-White collaborated with teenage engineering to design a collection of clothing items that honor Virgil Abloh

Born from a collaboration between Off-White™ and teenage engineering, the Capsule Collection is a line of clothing items as well as an orange, transparent shoulder bag that is custom-fitted to store teenage engineering’s OB–4 loudspeaker.

Swedish consumer electronics company and manufacturer ‘teenage engineering’ is known for its extensive catalog of electronics and synthesizers, including its core product the OP–1 as well as instant cameras. One of their more recent electronic loudspeakers, the OB–4, is a portable, hi-fi loudspeaker that “memorizes everything you play on an endless loop.” In a recent project with Off White that “honors our collaboration with late friend and partner, Virgil Abloh,” the duo designed a collection of clothing items that range from a shirt and hoodie to cargo pants and a carry bag made specifically to store OB–4 loudspeaker.

Designers: Off-White™ x teenage engineering

Dubbed the Capsule Collection, teenage engineering describes the collaboration, “Designed by Off-White™ exclusively for our collaboration, the collection includes a transparent orange carry bag for OB–4, t-shirt, hoodie, and a multipocketed white bomber jacket and cargo pant set–featuring custom pockets to fit teenage engineering devices.” Strewn all over the bomber jacket’s arms and midsection, custom-fitted pockets provide ample storage for everyday items as well as teenage engineering electronic products, like instant cameras and synthesizers.

While the bomber jacket is currently sold out on teenage engineering’s website, the other pieces of Capsule Collection are still available and feature custom-fitted pockets as well. The off-white cargo pants belong to the same set as the bomber jacket, featuring similarly sized pockets all over the pant’s front and sides. Then, the transparent vinyl orange shoulder bag is the perfect size to carry teenage engineering’s OB–4 loudspeaker.