These headphones can train your brain

You know how people achieve great feats by putting mind over matter? A mother can lift an entire car to save her baby, a man can walk bare feet on burning embers. All this is achieved by putting your mind into a desired state that makes you push your body to the limits. It’s all in the mind, and in the correct mental state, your body can perform better.

Now the Halo Sport isn’t going to prime you to lift cars, walk on red hot coals, or swim a river, but these headphones can do something pretty marvelous. Designed like normal headphones to be worn during training, these cans come with two brain-stimulating pads that can help you boost your performance by sending mild electric tingles to get the motor cortex of your brain in a state of “neural plasticity”. During this time, whatever you train in, your brain adapts and grows faster, increasing your strength, speed, skill, and endurance. The Halo Sport comes paired with an app that allows you to adjust settings based on the kind of neuro-priming or mental stimulation you need. It’s recommended that you use the Halo for roughly 20 minutes prior to your training or your workout so that you can extract every bit from it. From sportspeople, to fitness freaks, to even musicians, Halo Sport has delivered some ‘shockingly’ good results!

Designer: Halo Neuroscience