WAVE UV-C Sanitizing Tool eliminates unwanted germs, viruses, and bacteria

Wave Portable UV-C Germicidal Sanitizing Device How to Use

The coronavirus has definitely left a mark on our lives. Everyday life is never the same again and we have seen that rapidly change the past couple of years. The pandemic is not yet over, but many people in some countries have started to embrace living in the New Normal.

Some are also chanting it should be “Better Normal” now because things are seemingly getting better, at least, in some parts of the world. But for those who are still trying to overcome their anxieties and fears of going out, we won’t stop you from doing all the things you need to do to give you peace of mind.

Designers: Ivan Vecchia and Giorgio Mastropasqua for UV-C LABS

Wave Portable UV-C European Product Design Award

If you still can’t live without an alcohol sprayer in your hand, it’s fine. If you are the type of person that sprays Lysol on every surface or package, it’s okay. If you have a UV box at home to put your stuff in when you get home, that’s still acceptable. No one is stopping you from making sure you and your things are clean and disinfected, but there are ways to make your life easier.

The Wave is an innovative germicidal sanitizing device that uses UV-C to ensure bacteria, viruses, and germs are killed before you touch a surface. This is a portable solution that easily sticks to the rear of your smartphone. What makes this different from other UV wands is that it works using a mobile app. The app guides you through the process of sanitation, so an area is thoroughly cleaned in less than a minute.

Wave Portable UV-C Sanitizing Wand

This compact tool is only 5mm thick but is capable enough to destroy germs on the surface you often touch, like the keyboard, doorknob, chair, or elevator buttons. This is another effective way to fight the pandemic, although we are unsure how many people will bother to do this. Well, having the Wave on the back of your phone is more effortless. It makes UV-C readily available and guarantees you always have it because you rarely forget your phone.

Wave by UV-C Labs is said to be the first UV-C light for your phone. The Wave, designed by Italian industrial designers Ivan Vecchia and Giorgio Mastropasqua, has been recognized and given the Gold Award of the European Product Design Award. Specifically, the category is Design for Society.

Wave Portable UV-C Germicidal Sanitizing Wand

It takes advantage of a technology that has been proven to eliminate 99.8% of bacteria and viruses. A simple touch of a button will sanitize any surface. The app will tell you how to do the sanitization properly, like proper distance and correct amount of time. Having an app will make it easier for you to sanitize a surface or item because it tells you what to do.

Wave Portable UV-C Germicidal Sanitizing Tool

The process is simple: Click, Scan, and Sanitize. The ultra-thin and stylish UV wand connects via Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to your smartphone. It has a child lock so kids can’t use it during those unintentional power-ons. It’s non-invasive and safe, but you still need to be careful around kids. It can be used up to 100 times on a single full charge. Battery life can be longer because the device shuts off automatically after two minutes of inactivity. Choose from either the black or white model of the $79 compact UV-C sanitizing tool.

Wave Portable UV-C Germicidal Sanitizing Device White

Wave Portable UV-C Germicidal Sanitizing Device Where to Buy

Wave Portable UV-C Sanitizing Wand