Top 10 accessories to uplift your Apple Watch

Nightwatch Magnifying Apple Watch Charging Dock

Currently, the Apple Watch is the most popular watch globally, and this honestly doesn’t come as much of a surprise when you consider the number of people you see jogging or walking on the street with their Apple Watch armed on their wrists. In celebration of this one-of-a-kind watch, and in anticipation of what its latest version may unveil, we’ve curated a collection of nifty accessories that will perfectly complement your beloved Apple Watch. From the most inventive Apple Watch charging dock you’ll ever see to a lightweight and breathable Apple Watch band that mixes comfort and convenience– we’ve put together a range of diverse and interesting Apple Watch accessories that even hardcore Apple lovers will go gaga over!

1. The NightWatch

Nightwatch Magnifying Apple Watch Charging Dock

Nightwatch Magnifying Apple Watch Charging Dock

The NightWatch is a pretty simple accessory that enhances your Apple Watch’s abilities. It doesn’t come with its own charger but will let you hook your Apple Watch’s charger into it. Once assembled, you can easily slide your Apple Watch into its unique design, and that calibrated glass lens on the front enlarges the screen like a magnifying glass would, making numbers much more visible when your watch is in Nightstand mode. It comes with a patented system that even lets you tap the glass surface to ‘wake’ up your Apple Watch’s display, so you can read the time clearly… and when your watch’s alarm begins ringing, special acoustic channels designed in the NightWatch charging dock’s base help amplify your watch’s audio, making that alarm much louder.

2. The Baseus Let’s go Watch Band

This Apple Watch strap has a smart design that reduces the contact area with the skin to not hinder in any way with athletic activities while still being able to do all the health and fitness tracking to perfection. The design of the strap is such that it lets the wearer adjust the length to millimeter detail – something that every wearable strap can sometimes disappoint with. Especially for users who are very finicky about their wearables. Most of all, the watch band maintains a very high level of comfort and convenience, even with long hours of wearing.

3. The Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE™ PRO Portable Fast Charger

The Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE™ PRO is the ultimate fast charger for your Apple Watch! It completely powers up your smartwatch within 45 minutes. You can place your watch on the dock in a horizontal or vertical position, allowing you to read any notifications you may get, with ease. You can even adjust the height of the charging stand via the precision dial. The charger has also been amped with a 4-foot USB-C cable which provides for an organized cable management experience, and an ergonomic compact form, making it super easy to carry around!

4. The ActionBand

While we use our Apple Watches outside of the gym, keeping an eye on our workout’s progress with activity tracking always helps to push our limits. Designing a new wristband made specifically for working out with your Apple Watch, Apple-inspired design group Twelve South created the ActionBand, a sweatband that can hold your Apple Watch. When working out, our grips make all the difference. So when sweat comes into play, a tight grip around dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells becomes harder to maintain. No one wants to lose out on activities that might close our rings though, so Twelve South developed a solution.

5. Colors

Colors, a protective case design for Apple Watches from SwitchEasy, comes with four different cases and colors. Available in black, abyss blue, starlight, and army green, each one of the different colors has its own energy and gives your Apple Watch a whole new personality. Each case is compatible with the Apple Watch strap lock design and comes with screen-raised-edges to ensure total, shockproof protection. The cases are also easy to strap into place. Following a similar assembly method to traditional iPhone cases, users just slide their bare Apple Watch into the Colors case and it locks into place.

6. The hardgraft Collectors Watch case

The hardgraft Collectors Watch case is an artisanal leather product that will your store smartwatch in style! The case features a soft Alcantara lining on the inside and is padded as well. The exterior of the case boasts vegetable-tanned Italian leather and a scratch-free zipper. Its round compact form not only stores your watch well but also makes it super easy to carry around. It is available in three elegant color options – Classic, Coal, and Off Grey. It’s a functional + stylish product to give your Apple Watch the protection it deserves!

7. Satechi’s Magnetic Dock

Like all of Satechi’s products, the USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock comes with Apple-certified MFI charging and works across all generations of the Apple Watch. The dock plugs right into the side of the iPad Pro or the MacBook Pro, although you could just as easily use it with any power bank too. The sleek aluminum design does a pretty good job of blending in with Apple’s design language, while inbuilt magnets securely hold onto your watch as it charges, allowing you to dock your iPad on a stand without worrying about the watch slipping or falling off.

8. Bellroy’s Apple Smartwatch Straps

Bellroy Leather Strap for Apple Watch

The smartwatch straps from Bellroy come with a durable elastomer base for comfort and to prevent slipping, but are then finished off with a wonderfully eye-catching eco-tanned leather top. The leather-elastomer blend gives the watch the best of both worlds. The leather brings back the watch’s most trusted strap material, giving the watch an authentically classic appeal, while the elastomer base on the strap prevents it from slipping on your wrist. Since the Apple Watch’s main hardware is fairly heavier than most regular watches, it succumbs to the effects of gravity, which is why having a rubbery base to the strap helps. A texture on the underside also promotes breathability, so the strap never makes your skin feel sweaty.

9. The Wristcam

With all the possible goodness – health and fitness tracking and everything – Apple Watch cannot click pictures standalone, it remotely triggers the iPhone to pull off the trick. This is where the Wristcam steps in, giving Apple Watch the ability to click pictures by itself. The front-mounted 8MP camera can shoot images in 4K resolution while recording videos in Full HD. The selfie camera can be used for video calling – or either camera for live-streaming. The Wristcam comes with its own 8GB of storage and a battery good enough for a day’s fun. According to the company, the Wristcam is water-resistant up to 1-meter, it connects to the Apple Watch over Bluetooth Low Energy, and with the iPhone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

10. Framed disassembled Apple Watch

GRID takes our favorite tech devices (from iPhones and Watches to even GameBoys) and turns them into exploded mosaics that feel like looking at an intricate jigsaw puzzle that’s been pulled apart. This particular framed unit explores the insides of the 1st Gen Apple Watch (also colloquially referred to as Series 0). The frame houses all of the Apple Watch parts underneath a glass panel, all mounted and labeled to perfection. Arrows on the canvas even show where each of the parts fit, giving you a more detailed appreciation of the smartwatch we often take for granted on our wrist!