Half a pedal, twice the distance

You know how when you first learned to cycle, you had your mother or father give you a gentle push from the back as you pedaled forward? The Copenhagen Wheel is pretty much the same thing. The wheel comes with a bright cherry red hub that houses a battery, a motor, and a bunch of sensors that capture your pedaling pattern, speed, torque, and cadence you’re putting in, then gives you an electrical assist. It captures your energy when you brake or go downhill, storing the power in the battery, and using it exactly when you need to, allowing you to travel faster and farther with half the effort.

Built by a bunch of engineers at MIT who then went on to forming Superpedestrian, the Copenhagen Wheel comes independently to be attached to any of your regular bikes, and even comes with its own bike design, if you’re looking for a brand new ride. Retrofitting the wheel to any regular bike is pretty easy, while the super-glossy red electronics hub at the back works marvelously by connecting to your smartphone, and while doing that, it looks marvelous too.

Designer: Superpedestrian