ALBA Artificial Light helps augment what your body is missing to become healthy

ALBA Artificial Light

The circadian rhythm is a person’s natural way to keep the body clock functioning correctly. Knowing one’s circadian rhythm is vital as it allows you to prepare for changes, whether in the environment or your body. With the help of exposure to light, you can be aware of your body to keep a healthier lifestyle.

Alba is a unique conceptual product design that aims to help people start habits that will help synchronize the body’s natural rhythms with the outside. Unfortunately, we don’t know when the pandemic will be over, so it’s still crucial that we keep our minds and bodies healthy. There are already plenty of solutions and tools that will help you and me begin a more mindful lifestyle.

Designer: Christoph Sokol

The Alba can encourage you to follow routines each day. With the help of artificial light, it can deliver an experience that will augment what the body lacks due to disconnected rhythms. According to the designer of Alba, there is such a thing as “light diet”.

Christoph Sokol designed the Alba to gather real-time data of solar cycles and day length. It is usually different from a person’s busy lifestyle and natural rhythms, but the Alba aims to make changes if there’s a need. Light and the body’s rhythms impact one’s health, so we need all help in improving our well-being.

ALBA Artificial Light Concept

The Alba lamp is ideal for those who live in areas that don’t receive enough sunlight. The light source position can be adjusted depending on your circadian rhythm and the time of day—it’s like having the sun right at home. Alba shows the period in a day in vertical locations and the intensity and hue of the light change as well. For example, during nighttime, the light’s position needs to be lowered to keep the eyes protected from blue light. The effect is those Melanopsin cells are activated at night by the Alba.

ALBA Lighting

The concept design presents the idea that we should live by our natural rhythms instead of the artificial clock time. There will still be many discussions in science about the circadian rhythms and biological clocks, but we love the fact the Alba light will make people more conscious of their bodies. And since this is artificial light, we’ll be more aware of the need to connect with nature more often and start building healthy habits and routines. We’re not sure if this will actually work but yes, we love anything that will remind us we need to take care of our bodies.

ALBA Lighting Details

ALBA Artificial Light Design

ALBA Artificial Lighting

ALBA Lighting