YouTube goes analog with this retro radio!

I am guilty of multitasking and to keep my focus on the job, I’ve subscribed to YouTube Premium, so that I can switch between apps, work multiple modules on my phone and yet have the music running in the background. It looks like designer Jieun Jeong has used my behavior (and millions of other users’ behavior) and hit the nail on the head with the YouTube Radio concept.

I’m more interested in the categories and the channels, and the randomness of the picks that YT intuitively plays out for me. And this is one of the key functionalities of this concept. Envisioned as an analog radio, the YouTube Radio provides an interface that delivers contents through sound.

Taking inspiration from the YT icon as well as the TV and Radio sets from the 70s and 80s, we have a device that features a radio, dial, pen, buttons and a holder. Completely LOVE the concept, and hope it sees the light of day.

Designer: Jieun Jeong

“Most users play the video as background noise to keep their ears busy while doing something alone. Based on this user experience, I designed the YouTube Radio to be in the form of analog radio. A radio that only delivers contents through sound. This will enable users to focus on the background noise of a YouTube clip and make it become part of the user’s lifestyle,” Jeon tells Yanko Design.

The design was inspired by radio and television in the 70s and 80s.


In order to keep YouTube’s identity, the form of the product was designed in the proportion of the YouTube logo and the main colors red and black was used. The strong red main body, front speaker part with mesh material, and the intense contrast of shiny black material emphasized the retro feel of the tube.


Select a category with a dual dial, then turn the dial to select a YouTube channel, as if you would select a radio frequency. Users don’t need to go through the process of finding contents repeatedly by looking at different titles and thumbnail images.


Comments are an essential element for communication. YouTube Radio has incorporated smartpen technology into the comments feature. By writing a short article using a pen on paper and pressing the send button, handwritten data will be converted to a digital image and sent to the youtuber.

The control button on the smart pen was inspired by UI from YouTube. This allows users to intuitively control volumes and video timelines.

The pen can attached to the main body of the radio, so it can stored without losing it.