PopGrip JumpStart is a power bank and phone grip in one

Did you know that your phone can get tired too? Well, tired is not exactly the correct word but the mobile device you use every day for hours needs to be protected from possible harm and recharged after a long day. But for those times you forget and need to go early in the day, you may just charge it in the car or maybe get this PopGripJumpStart.

Don’t be confused, as this is both a battery bank and a phone grip—a two-in-one accessory that can make your life easier. Its name perfectly describes what it can do— act as a grip for the phone and jumpstart when it needs power. It can charge your smartphone while you scroll through your social media apps, check email, or text.

Designer: PopSockets

PopGrip JumpStart Details

The PopGrip JumpStart offers a secure grip and allows you to hold the phone and use it with just one hand. It lets you have the peace of mind that your phone won’t fall off your hand. You can also use it as a phone stand when you want to watch your favorite shows or movies with other PopSockets accessories.

The PopGrip JumpStart from PopSockets has a 2200mAh battery capacity to charge your phone up to 50% with either a Lightning Cable or a USB-C. You will see the cable popping out when you need to use it. The cord is wired around the battery pack and can be hidden when not in use.

This thing works with a standard PopSocket mount, even with its larger size. The accessory appears to be uncomfortable to hold, but the size is perfect for most phones available today. It’s still compact and slim and is able to boost charging time even when you’re on the go.

This portable power bank is made for the PopSockets platforms. It’s an ideal solution for those always on the go and who are running low on battery. Since the PopGrip JumpStart is compatible with the Popsockets platform, it is easily swappable with different components for unique styling.

PopGrip JumpStart Features

This charging grip is affordable for only $35. It’s already useful as a phone grip, but it becomes more valuable as a battery pack. It may only power up your battery up to half of its capacity, but it’s enough to give you a few more hours of mobile use. Of course, you need to juice up JumpStart’s battery itself, so make sure you don’t forget to charge it.

PopGrip JumpStart Release