Top 21 Ways to Organize Your Jewelry and Keep Them Neat

Jewelry comes in different shapes, sizes, and lengths, so each piece needs to be stored properly, and sorted by category. Maintaining an organized system not only safeguards your jewelry items but also simplifies the process of identifying jewelry that requires cleaning and keeps a record of your collection. Also, this approach assists in preventing the loss or theft of jewelry. However, before arranging your jewelry, examine each piece, eliminate those damaged pieces, donate pieces you will not wear, and mend pieces that need repair. Adopt these suggestions for the secure and efficient storage of your jewelry.

Designer: Amie Freling-Brown

1. Jewelry Drawers

Dedicate a shallow drawer in your bedroom or closet specifically for jewelry storage that ensures convenient access to your pieces. Introduce compartments of various sizes that allow you to categorize different pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other items into distinct slots. If the drawer is deep, you can double the storage capacity by placing an additional jewelry tray on top of the first one.

2. Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizer

Designer: Keebofly

Purchase a wall-mounted jewelry organizer to install near your dressing table. Alternatively, you can transform a shallow cabinet with a velvet or fabric internal liner, incorporating hooks for suspending necklaces, dividers for earrings, tiny drawers, and sections for arranging bracelets and watches, as shown in this example.

3. Jewelry Organizer Trays

Designer: FanBeautyLife

These drawer inserts come with compartments and slots designed to categorize your jewelry by its type. Opt for dedicated jewelry drawer inserts or adapt kitchen drawer cutlery holders or dividers to personalize the interior of your drawer. The dedicated storage compartments ensure that one keeps the jewels in their designated spots.

4. Jewelry Pocket Organizer

Designer: BAGSMART

A variety of hanging jewelry organizers, equipped with individual pockets, are readily available, and they are tailor-made for storing jewelry. They come with a hanger and can be hung in the wardrobe. These organizers are perfect for storing imitation jewelry, fashionable rings, and necklaces.

5. A Jewelry Stand

Designer: Alan Wisniewski

Designer: Urban Outfitters

Ideal for daily jewelry pieces, these earring organizers are great for neatly storing earrings on an attractive stand placed atop a dressing table or a bathroom vanity countertop. Available in various styles and sizes, these jewelry organizer stands enable you to view all your choices. The versatile design accommodates longer pieces to dangle freely while keeping small earring posts paired together.

6. Fine Jewelry Storage

Designer: Pottery Barn

Safeguard your valuable assets by storing fine jewelry and precious occasion gems within jewelry organizer boxes. These storage solutions ensure the security, organization, and protection from dust for infrequently worn pieces.

7. Tiered Storage

Employing a tiered storage system is essential for optimizing space and maintaining order. Take a look at the circular revolving storage option. Additionally, a tiered jewelry stand is perfect for segregating smaller items like ear studs, longer earrings, bracelets, and necklaces individually.

Designer: West Elm

When not in use, this tiered storage keeps the jewelry hidden from sight through its layered configuration.

8. Wall Organizer

Designer: Bill Watson

For those who adore necklaces, tangled chains can be quite troublesome, potentially leading to jewelry damage. Rather than allowing necklaces to become entwined within boxes or pouches, consider utilizing wall-mounted hooks to ensure that each strand remains distinct and well-protected.

9. Acrylic Jewelery Organizer

Designer: ICCGBHGO

Designer: OrganizersQueen

One of the most effective organizational solutions for jewelry storage is a clear acrylic jewelry box. Clear acrylic organizers that stand upright are not only space-efficient but also provide a neat, easily viewable choice for storing earrings of varying lengths.

The transparent box’s golden frame infuses a luxe vibe to the jewelry case.

10. Earring Holder

Designer: BiieiiDisplay

This arrangement offers an ideal method for storing your earrings, much like a display in a store.

11. Rotating Jewelery Organizer

Designer: Pottery Barn

Utilizing rotating organizers is a clever concept for jewelry storage as these organizers can accommodate a substantial amount of jewelry while ensuring easy accessibility through a simple swivel of the display. Many of these organizers even offer different storage configurations on each side, allowing you to rotate and view all your rings, necklaces, and earrings with each rotation.

12. Invest in a Jewelry Locker

Designer: Brown Safe

When dealing with valuable gemstones, an optimal choice for both jewelry storage and security is a divided safe that prevents burglary and offers optimum protection. Note that assigning a specific spot for each item in your collection prevents both damage and the risk of misplacing. The safe usually incorporates sliding trays with partitions to prevent pieces from making contact and causing scratches.

13. Jewelry Cabinet

Designer: Orren Ellis

This freestanding jewelry cabinet comes with a full-length mirror and an LED-lit makeup mirror. Beyond its organizational capabilities, it provides a convenient and efficient way to see all your accessories at once, reducing the time spent searching. Also concealed within the mirrored jewelry cabinet are three storage shelves, perfect for stowing handbags, books, or other items, while also enhancing the cabinet’s stability.

Designer: Mele and Co.

Elevate your dressing area with this feminine upright jewelry box crafted from wood and lined with suede. This compact jewelry box provides ingenious storage solutions like necklace compartments, hooks, all accessed through glass doors. Don’t miss the two small yet roomy drawers that makes this jewelry box a delightful addition to your space.

14. Decorative Wall Organizer

Designer: Ruby Mae

Combining functionality and artistic flair, this decorative wall display serves as an efficient jewelry storage solution. It offers a comprehensive view of your accessories all at once, making it especially suitable for organizing long necklaces. Crafted from metal, its design resembles that of a cactus.

15. Travel Organizer

Designer: Quince

If you need to travel with only a handful of jewelry items, then the travel pouch is an excellent choice. It’s compact yet reliable, making it an ideal selection for carrying a limited number of pieces.

Designer: Velutto

The foldable travel pouch accommodates various types of jewelry and watches, providing a well-organized system while traveling.

16. Innovative Earring Holder

Metal Windmill Hanging Jewelry Stand designed as a jewelry organizer for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, complemented by a jewelry tray base stand.

17. Bracelet Bar

The bracelet bar is one of the best ways and proven approach for organizing bracelets and bangles.

18. Wooden Jewelery Box

Designer: Ying

The Double Open Jewelry Box is a 3-layer large jewelry organizer that encompasses a necklace box, chain bracelet compartment, bracelet box, ring box, earring holder, and watch compartment, offering ample storage for various jewelry pieces.

With its innovative design and generous storage capacity, the pink-hued box is an ideal solution for teenagers looking to consolidate all their jewelry in one organized space.

19. Jewelry Hanger

Designer: Heidi Kay

This jewelry hanger efficiently utilizes the space of a single clothes hanger while providing the convenience of hanging necklaces on both its sides.

20. Picture Frames

Designer: Kathie

Combining wall art aesthetics with practicality, these picture frames serve dual purposes and come equipped with integrated hooks designed for necklace storage. This design is particularly well-suited for smaller living spaces.

21. Rattan Jewelry Organizer

Designer: Dunn Rustic

The tabletop Rattan Jewelry Organizer provides a comprehensive solution for arranging your jewelry collection. It includes designated sections for various pieces like rattan hooks for hanging earrings, pegs for necklaces, slots for rings, and a compact compartment for miscellaneous items. Additionally, since it is freestanding and can elegantly grace any dresser, vanity, or desk.