This versatile furniture concept features a sliding grid system that saves and creates space!

Square to Square is a versatile furniture system for the modern home built on an internal and external sliding grid mechanism to save and create space.

Squares are known for the versatile nature of their shapes. It’s said that Le Corbusier saw squares as “the most refined and pure form in nature,” as young designer Kyungseon Nam puts it. Setting out to design a furniture system concept based on the multidimensionality of the square, Nam developed Square to Square.

Initially structured as a solid block, functional as a table or ottoman, Square to Square can turn into a full dining table or workspace setup. Built around an internal sliding grid system, Square to Square transforms from one configuration to the next with seamless transitions.

Square to Square’s initial form is divided between four quadrants that contain their own internal sliding grid system with hidden pull-out shelves and integrated cushioned booths. Positioned on top of an external sliding grid system, the hidden booth components of Square to Square can be pulled from each quadrant to reveal a four-person dining table setup.

Then, from each corner booth, a lower cushioned shelf can be pulled out to provide a resting place for your pets or even your feet. Each quadrant also contains spring mechanics that unload an elevated desk space that could function as a standing desk or raised shelf. Underneath the spring-loaded desk space, Nam incorporated a storage compartment where goods can be stored even when the optional desk space isn’t raised.

Taking advantage of the square’s chameleonic creative possibilities, Nam was able to conceptualize a multifunctional furniture system that not only saves space but creates space. Transforming from a solid, blank cube into a live-and-work space that also doubles as a dining area, Square to Square is the versatile and space-saving furniture system for the modern home.

Designer: Kyungseon Nam