Hulasol gives you light and shade by your poolside and patio

If and when I do become rich (or at least better off) someday, one of my dreams is to have a small pool in the backyard where I can sunbathe, take a nap, hang out with friends, journal, read, or do whatever I want aside from swimming. So when I saw this new product called Hulasol, I knew I had to add it to my “someday I’ll own this but first I need to have money” list of things to buy. Well, after I get that pool of course.

Designer: Peter Mortelmans, Lin Bertels, Amandus Van Quaille

The word Hulasol might make you think of a hybrid hula hoop and parasol. Well, the latter is right. It’s basically a sun umbrella with a twist, created by Belgian manufacturer Hulasol. By day, it can serve as your typical parasol to protect you from the harsh rays of the sun while sitting by the pool, garden, or patio. At night, it can turn into a light source to serve as a poolside decoration or if you feel like reading or journaling outdoors, it can serve as your lamp.

Your parasol has a mobile circular base so it can be easily moved to any part of your backyard. When you’ve found your spot, the wheels can lock the device firmly into place. It is also designed to withstand “substantial weather resistance” although I’m not sure if it can withstand a hurricane or tornado. At least for rain or strong winds or even snowfall, you know its aerodynamic designed canopy will be able to withstand it.

For the mood lighting feature, there is a smartphone app that can help you control the lighting that you need for the moment. You can even automate when it turns on and what level of lighting you want it to be so you don’t need to turn it on or off every time it gets dark or before you go to sleep. There are four colors to choose from Ivory, Graphite, Taupe, and Bordeaux but for the color frame and base, the choices are white and black.

It comes with a protective cover as well and can fold and be stored somewhere easily, in case you have no need for it and it just stands in the way. But if I had one, I will probably keep it displayed most of the time as it is both useful and decorative.