Litepulse eco-lantern only needs salt and water to generate electricity

Litepulse Eco-lantern Lights Design

Eco lighting solutions are in high demand these days, especially with the skyrocketing gas and fuel prices in most parts of the world. We have reached the time when ordinary and everyday gadgets we use have greener alternatives. Becoming environment-friendly is no longer just a trend—it should be the direction society is going.

When it comes to camping and other outdoor adventures, plenty of eco-efficient alternatives is already available in the market. Many electric devices offer convenience, safety, and protection. And we believe more sustainable innovations like this eco-lamp will further enter the game.

Designer: Gallop Innotek

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A new lantern is ready to offer up to 150H lighting and adjustable brightness. The Litepulse eco-lantern is one reliable environment-friendly solution. It starts power generation by simply adding saltwater. It is like instant food you can quickly cook and eat while camping. All you need to do is pour saltwater onto the lamp. Then, add water as you say “Let there be light” and the lantern will illuminate the surrounding.

This Litepulse eco-lantern is excellent for the outdoors and ideal for emergencies. It is portable and doesn’t need any batteries or charging. Electricity is generated with only saltwater, so we know it can last a long-time. There won’t be any battery wear or discharge so you can rely on it even in times of disaster, although that’s something we hope we won’t have to face.

Litepulse Eco-lantern Lights Demo

LitePulse is not just a lamp as you can also charge your smartphone using it. The power generation technology works and can produce safe electricity. It is made possible by an aluminum-air battery, as well as, a chemically-reacting aluminum with air and saltwater. The process makes the lantern sustainable so it is recommended for planet-conscious people.

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Salt + Water = Electricity

The eco-efficient technology works, so we are guessing it can also be applied to other small devices. Aside from saltwater, electricity can also be generated by other liquids such as rainwater, seawater, soy sauce, and urine. The result is energy powerful enough to have two modes: eco mode with 68.31lm lumen) and strong brightness mode (144.5lm). We see one minor caveat: you need to change the saltwater every eight hours.

Litepulse Eco-lantern Lights Sample

The LitePulse body can be used anywhere, anytime. You can hang it anywhere, and it won’t fall with the carabiner. Controlling this eco lamp is also easy. You only need to click on the power switch to switch to eco mode from strong mode or turn off the light. We can imagine a few scenarios where you can use this like camping, fishing, barbecue, or changing tires at night.

Litepulse Eco-lantern Lights Launch Release

Litepulse Eco-lantern Lights Launch Release

Litepulse Eco-lantern Lights

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