This helmet case for electric scooters includes a UV sanitization hub for hygienic use amongst city riders

Carefol is a helmet case for electric city scooters with an integrated UV sanitization hub to ensure hygienic use amongst different riders.

For people without cars who live in big cities, electric scooters are a godsend. Whether you use them to reduce your personal carbon footprint for the day or you just like the feeling of riding a two-wheeler alongside Mack trucks and SUVs, electric scooters help you get to your destination fast, but they’re not always the safest option.

Designers: Jueun Lee and SooA Choi

Besides needing a helmet just to dodge the scooters left on sidewalks, city scooters don’t typically come with accompanying helmets, so it’s generally an “at-your-own-risk,” form of transportation. Despite efforts to bring helmets to city scooters, hygienic and storage problems complicated things. Carefol, a PVC helmet case with an integrated UV sanitizing system, designed by Jueun Lee and SooA Choi presents a solution.


Incorporating PVC waste into the very build of the helmet case, Carefol is built from a mix of recycled material and conventional helmet straps. Built with rounded edges and an overall geometric shape, Carefol’s build is simple to ensure intuitive use.

In their 3D renderings, Lee and Choi envisioned Carefol being strapped on the main support bar where users can easily access the UV sanitization hub and use the external hooks as supplemental storage components. When the helmet is out of its storage bin, users can use the empty compartment to store their commuting goods in addition to an external hook to hang grocery or tote bags.

The helmet essentially creates its own enclosed bin by merging with the sanitization station. The bottom of the helmet, where the user’s head would go, inserts into the raised UV platform to be sanitized, while the top of the helmet gives a rounded top to the Carefol helmet case. Then, a glass covering doubly protects the helmet. When needed, users can then easily dislodge the helmet from its case by tugging on its top strap.

The helmet case remains out of the way during rides to ensure safety.

The team of designers worked dot make Carefol’s shape and size as convenient as possible. 

Riders can even use the helmet case as a supplemental storage unit during their commute.

When not in use, Carefol can be charged via an integrated USB port. 

A glass covering protects the top of the helmet and ensures sanitization.