This portable sanitizer spray turns regular tap water into an FDA-certified disinfecting solution

The biggest perk of this job is learning new things and getting access to new technologies that make life better… and if that means not having to constantly rub hand-sanitizer and isopropyl alcohol on my hands and all the objects I touch, I believe that’s a better life already.

You’ll be surprised by how powerful water can be as a disinfectant if treated with a simple, small reaction. Perform electrolysis on regular water and it essentially turns into a non-toxic disinfectant that’s capable of instantly neutralizing any microorganism or VOC. This solution is created when water and chlorine molecules break down to create Electrolyzed Water – a solution that’s extremely capable at killing bacteria, breaking down viruses, obliterating molds, and destroying bad odor molecules. Moreover, electrolyzed water is completely safe to use around children and pets, and comes FDA-certified as a direct disinfectant that can be used on any surface as a much healthier alternative to sterilizing sprays and chemical cleaning agents.

The EO Mini is a tiny spray that turns regular water into electrolyzed water, replacing the need to carry sanitizers and cleansers wherever you go. It’s small enough to fit on a keychain, and can hold enough water to continuously spray for 10 minutes. Just fill its vessel with regular tap water and the EO Mini’s tiny electrolyzing system creates electrolyzed water in a matter of seconds. Most tap water comes with trace amounts of chlorine in it, which the EO Mini’s internal electrolyzer breaks down to create Hypochlorous acid – which gives the electrolyzed water its disinfecting abilities. A single button on the EO mini allows you to electrolyze the water (by holding it down for 3 seconds) and spray the EO Water solution on your hands, cutlery, handles, spectacles, smartphones, laptops, and even out in the air.

The electrolyzed water acts as a practical, powerful, and healthy alternative to any cleaning agent. Electrolyzing technology, which has existed for over 4 decades, creates an all-purpose cleaning solution that replaces the need for carpet-cleaners, floor-cleaners, room-fresheners, car-fresheners, fruit and vegetable purifiers, and general disinfectants. The charged molecules can dismantle most microorganisms better than any disinfectant, and can eliminate odor molecules too, removing the bad odors associated with mold, cigarette smoke, public toilets, etc. As powerful as it is, the electrolyzed water is food-safe, child-safe, and pet-safe too, making it a much better alternative than those alcohol-based disinfectants we keep using. By shrinking the technology into something that’s small enough to fit in your pocket, the EO Mini allows you to carry your safety with you. It can be used at home to clean surfaces, or even outdoors, allowing you to quickly sterilize your hands, your mask, and even frequently-touched objects like the handle on the shopping cart or the keypad on an ATM. By eliminating the use of off-the-counter sanitizers, the EO Mini does two noteworthy things… It provides a healthier and more potent alternative that’s safe for humans and animals, all along while using any regular tap water, saving you money on sanitizers down the line!

Designer: Nick Huang

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EO mini – Sustainable Nano Mist Sanitizer

The EO Mini is a tiny spray that turns regular water into electrolyzed water, replacing the need to carry sanitizers and cleansers wherever you go.

The EO mini is 100% methanol free and FDA-certified as a direct disinfectant that can be used safely on any surface.

EO mini is effective against virus, bacteria, TVOC, pollutant particles and residue pesticides. It can sterilize and purify the air by removing killing harmful microorganisms and pollutants. It also doesn’t leave a mark on items.

Features & Benefits

Nano Ultrasonic Atomizer: The nano atomizing nozzle can convert EO water into a fine, stable mist through the power of ultra-high frequency sound wave. The result is a fine shower of extremely small water particles, evenly covering any surface with just a fraction of liquid required by traditional air spray nozzle.

Micro Platinum Titanium Electrode: With new material and manufacturing techniques, they are able to shrink the electrode into the size of a coin while having unrivaled performance and lifespan. This enables them to create EO mini as a portable air purifier, with rechargeable battery and sterilizer storage included.

Small & Portable: EO water has been limited to farming and ranching industries for years due to large space required. Recently, it has been made possible in the size of a coffee maker, but it was still too big and awkward to carry around. With EO mini, the whole bottle is just the size of a standard lipstick, it will fit in any purse or pocket.

Harmless and Non-reactive: EO water is created from natural ingredient – water. Without containing other chemicals, EO water is completely safe to human or animals. You can spray it directly on your hands, as it doesn’t irritate or dry out skin. The spray will completely evaporate after spraying. No noticeable residue will be left on the sprayed surface, no rinsing required afterward. This saves you time and effort.

Rechargeable Charging Stand: This stand not only makes charging easier, but would also keep EO mini upright securely and saves you space. A USB Type-C port is found on it with fast charging function, so that you can quickly recharge EO mini to use again.

Sustainable and Environmental Friendly: The spray from EO mini is environmentally friendly, it is completely harmless and breaks down after a few hours. It is perfect for people living without constant running water, or just anyone who wishes to be prepared for everything. By switching to EO mini, you are also replacing dozens of disposable plastic bottles of detergents with it. This means less plastic waste into the dump or the ocean.

Easy to Use

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