BREEZE Guitar Amp also works as a modern minimalist instrument stand

BREEZE Guitar Amp Design

The pandemic has brought out the best and worst in people. Several hobbies have been started to occupy our minds during those dull days at home. Of course, being locked down for many months can drive anyone crazy, so like many people around the world, you have probably discovered new skills.

Many people have learned how to bake and cook. Others have started gardening or a workout routine. Many people discovered they have talents in dancing (thank you, Tiktok!), singing, or playing an instrument. If you are one of those many who learned how to play the guitar, you may have gotten yourself a nice guitar already. But have you bought an amplifier yet? If your answer is no, you may start checking out what is available out there.

Designer: JOOM DESIGN and Weekend-works

BREEZE Guitar Amp

We hope someday this BREEZE Guitar Amp concept by JOOM DESIGN and Weekend-works will become a reality. We like the idea of a light and compact amplifier you can easily bring anywhere. However, it is more of a personal indoor guitar amp. It may be good enough for entertainment during house parties or when you want to jam with your family and friends.

The BREEZE Guitar Amp is designed with a mix of metal, marble, and fabric. The metal is found on the main amplifier’s body while a marble platform or base holds it. If it is marble, we are guessing it will be a bit heavy. A fabric is used as a speaker’s cover and appears to be ready in different colors. Unlike the usual guitar amplifier, this one looks stylish like most speakers released in the market.

BREEZE Guitar Amp Concept

The BREEZE guitar amp is for the home only. It is not something for professional use or for paying gigs, but it may be good to use if you want to let the people around you hear your music. The concept product also doubles as a guitar stand, thanks to the two feet and legs that can hold the instrument.

BREEZE Guitar Amp Concept Design

The main amplifier has a round shape and will deliver a fuller volume. Compared to the usual square amplifiers, the circle amp appears minimalist and modern. It comes with a separate controller that allows you to control the volume, bass, treble, gain, and effects. You can hang the guitar amplifier when not in use, and it will look like a round speaker. However, it may be better if it can also work as a Bluetooth speaker.

The amp features a versatile design and is a stylish space-saver. It can house your precious guitar when you are through practicing those guitar scales you’ve wanted to perfect. It can also serve as a nice-looking home decor when not in use.

BREEZE Guitar Amp Sketches

BREEZE Guitar Amp Concept Details