Disposable Bowls Look Too Good

Food delivery containers are usually made of paper, plastic or foam. They’re quick to make, cheap to produce and provide very little incentive to reuse. The Eco Bowls are designed to quick assemble down into separate components to be easier for disposal. They also happen to look good enough to keep and reuse so my question is, why wouldn’t you?

Designer : Jongduck Park


  • anoush says:

    issues such as what material will they be made out of, how much will they cost to produce etc. the takeaway will effectively be giving the customer storage containers that you buy in the likes of tesco or asda which means either these ones cost so little (i doubt..) or the price of the food will increase..

    good aesthetics though.

  • They are good looking, but I agree does this mean the cost of food is going to increase. Maybe there will be an incentive to return them to the company you ordererd food from.

  • i think that’s a bright idea.

  • hat methi says:

    i think that’s a bright idea. ( i’m too )

  • Demae says:

    “Should we leave dirty bowl outside the door”?

    hmm…Why don’t you just rinse it well with water before you leave it outside?
    At least in Japan, I think it’s a common practice to live comfortably with each other…

  • Treffle says:

    This example shows you what happen to disposable bowls when you trow them in the trash . In the description it said “They also happen to look good enough to keep and reuse” so there no point of trowing them away .

  • jo says:

    i agree. it’s like the reason of all this is because people are just too lazy

  • jo says:

    i meant the reason of inventing all these bowls

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