These laser-cut flat-packed wood panels assemble into a beautifully edgy tornado-inspired lampshade

[The designer of this product is of Ukrainian origin. YD is sharing work from Ukrainian designers/students in the hopes of amplifying their talent and giving them a global platform.]

The beauty of the Storm Lamp by Julia Kononenko is that there isn’t any method to its mad design. The lamp comes with a variety of laser-cut wooden panels that can be arranged/oriented in any way you like, because as its name suggests, the Storm Lamp is all about beauty in chaos. Looking almost like an abstract tornado, the lamp is entirely made from flat pieces of laser-cut plywood that are either left plain or painted black. When assembled together, they create a 3D form using the Gestalt visual law of continuity. Moreover, the jagged edges themselves illuminate to look like chaotic lightning strikes, reinforcing the product’s inspiration!

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Designer: Julia Kononenko for LINE

“The edges resemble the riot of nature”, says designer Julia Kononenko, who created the lamp for Polish brand Skandica. “The light passing through the plane of the lampshade reflects on them and resembles lightning strikes. In addition to the soft glow that fills the room with soft light, the rays create a quaint pattern on the walls of the room in the form of vertical lines, bringing a special atmosphere to the interior”, Julia adds.

The lamps are available in both hanging and floor formats. While the hanging variant is entirely made from thin sheets of plywood, the floor lamp also comes with a wooden pole and a metal base.