Pen holder concept adds some minimalist flair to your work area

For a person that owns a lot of pens (and I do mean a lot), I’m always on the lookout for pen holders that can not just keep my pens but also make my work area prettier. If the accessory helps organize my numerous pens as well, then that’s an added bonus. This new one that we spotted seems to fit all of the categories that I’ve been looking for.

This “una scatola” or box looks like a boxful of pencils that are placed downwards. But really, it’s designed as a pencil or pen holder for those that don’t want their pens or other office accessories just put together in an ordinary cup-like or box-like holder. It seems to be designed to keep your pens, pencils, colored pens, highlighters, even scissors, cutters, and other things you want to place upright, evenly spaced apart. This product is an organized person’s dream.

Designers: Nuri Badur, Fabio Verdelli

If you look at it from afar, it seems to be an ordinary square-shaped pencil holder. The top view reveals that it’s actually like a “forest” of upside down pencils where you can place actual pencils in between them so it becomes a pen holder. There’s also a bigger space in the middle so you can use it for items that are bigger than pens, like a highlighter, a pair of scissors, or even a small stapler. The idea behind the design, aside from it looking cool, is for those that want their accessories a bit apart from each other or placed in evenly spaced compartments.

Even if the design is different from the other penholders that we see in the market, it still maintains a minimalist look for those that prefer monochromatic desk accessories. The “box” itself is just white while the “stands” inside have a gradient feel with orange, brown, and white colors. If you still want a bit of color on your desk, it will be up to the pens and accessories that you place on the holder to add some different colors and designs.