This versatile garden office pod will help millennials strike the work-life balance they so badly need

Anthony Hodson designed the Dzome to tackle the frustration and boredom people began to feel while working from home during the pandemic. Although offices have slowly begun to open up, there are a large number of people who still work from home, or follow a hybrid model of working – one which involves working at home, and at the office. In such a scenario, it can still be difficult to maintain a work-life balance, since you do tend to spend a lot of your time confined to your home. Hodson’s Dzome is an effort to help us strike some work-life balance, and alleviate some of the monotony and stress we experience with the same old daily schedule.

Designer: Anthony Hodson

So, what is the Dzome? The Dzome is a versatile garden office pod, that provides you with some personal space and time when you need a break from the everyday hustle-bustle. It offers a moment of rest on an otherwise hectic day. The pod is inspired by nature and the Fibonacci sequence’s Golden Ratio. It features a geometrically intriguing curved facade crafted from weatherproof steel segments.

The steel components have been made to overlap, creating a rather interesting arrangement. The steel used to build the segments is galvanized, which allows the light to reflect, and also provides resistance to harsh weather. The space functions primarily as an office, however, it can be used as a sleeping pod, or to simply chill, or even play games in! You could also use the versatile space as a yoga room.

The interiors of Dzome are well-lit, creating a space that is conducive to productivity and is imparted with a sense of tranquility Light plywood finishes add a warm and minimal feel to the pod. Double-glazed windows define the structure, and a dome accentuates the curved pod even further. The dome features a peaking skylight as well. The pod took over four years to be conceptualized, and the first prototype was a 1:15 scale model that was set up in eight weeks! All the various components were prefabricated in Hodson’s workshop, arranged in a kit, and then assembled and set up on site. And this year, we will see a limited collection of 10 pods being released. Grab one if you’re interested!