Two-sided keyboard gets touchpad underside

Those of you looking for a “Smart” trackpad for your desktop computer – that being a touchpad working with gestures for the future of gesture-friendly computing – your great day has come. Here we’ve got a conceptual design for a device called “Inside Out” – one giant swoop with a keyboard on one side and a massive touchpad on the other. Simple and enticingly effective – made with OS X and Window 8 in mind, we’re sure.

Inside Out is a 2012 iF Design awards entry.

Designer: Min Koo Yeo


  • Rayken says:

    So you have to flip it over every time you have to use the touchpad/keyboard? That’s gonna be a real hassle. When was the last time you had to use just one of either the mouse of the keyboard? You would be constantly flipping it over.

  • gavin says:

    Anyone know of a regular layout 104 key keyboard with a medium sized touchpad below the space bar?

  • davyfetons says:

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  • I totally agree — it’s neat, but as a web developer I think this would make me take twice as much time with just about everything.

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