The TAITO is a 3-wheeled electric scooter that drives effortlessly on roads, pavements, and even cobblestone

Designed to be the more ‘grown-up’ alternative to most last-mile solutions like hoverboards and scooters, the TAITO has a stable 3-wheeled design, an IP55 water-resistant construction, a reimagined shock-absorbing platform, and a 30km range, all packaged within a lightweight 16kg (35 lbs) body that will make you want to ditch your e-bike for commuting within the city.

Designers: François Desmet & Nathan De Baets

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I personally hold Segway accountable for creating the impression scooters and hoverboards have to deal with today. They’re currently viewed either as harmless child toys, or vehicles designed for Silicon Valley nerds to use inside their tech mega-campuses. The TAITO is looking to shake off that impression with its ‘can conquer anything’ design. Made to handle more than last-mile commutes, the TAITO can travel over distances of 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) on a full charge.

Its unique 3-wheel design gives it stability and maneuverability, while the standing-scooter itself comes outfitted with all the trims you’d expect from an e-bike, including front + rear lamps and indicators, a smartphone app that turns your phone into a dashboard, a digitally limited top speed of 25km/h (which can be adapted based on your country’s legislation), GPS and 4G tracking (for anti-theft), regenerative braking, all packed in a 16-kg body that you can easily wheel around with you when you’re not riding the TAITO.

The e-scooter comes equipped to ride on roads, pavements, gravel, and even cobblestone, with a special vibration-absorbing platform that gives you a smooth ride no matter what the roads are like.

The TAITO comes modeled with a marine-grade stainless steel and aluminum outer-body that’s designed to be IP55 water-resistant (so you can comfortably cruise around in the monsoons too, or wash your scooter clean). Each TAITO comes with a shock-absorbing bamboo-board platform that you can stand on. The bamboo board absorbs all the vibrations when you ride on cobbled surfaces, so even when the e-scooter vibrates, the rider doesn’t. Moreover, a patent-pending rubber suspension system and 10-inch wheels help your TAITO overcome rough surfaces.

Unlock your Taito’s full potential with the app. Mount your phone on the handlebars via the Quadlock integrated system and be wirelessly charged as you ride and access a mountain of data along the way.

The e-scooter comes equipped with a rear-wheel electric motor that has a max power of 1000W, fueled by 48V 10aH Li-ion cells. At max charge, the scooter has a range of 30 kilometers or 18.6 miles (tested with an 80kg/176lb rider), and the battery takes 3 hours to charge to its full capacity. Like any good EV, it comes with a theft-sensor and an e-lock on the motor, as well as GPS and 4G tracking for if it gets carried away or stolen. The handlebars come with indicator lights built into their ends, an integrated horn too, and the TAITO has a headlight and brake lights too, configurable using a tiny button panel on the e-scooter’s dashboard. Lastly, the TAITO’s dashboard lets you clip in a smartphone for navigation. TAITO has its own iOS and Android apps that also give you actionable information like your speed and battery level while you ride.

Available in 4 frame colors and 2 bamboo board colors (with customization options), the TAITO sports an early-bird price tag of €1,750 (or $1957) on its Indiegogo page. The e-scooter is both designed and manufactured in Belgium and will begin shipping as soon as August 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1850 $2105 (12% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours to go!