Nike Bubble Max concept sneakers will make you feel like you’re walking on the clouds

Nike Bubble Max Sneakers

If you can design a car, you can definitely design footwear. There is no limit to what a creative mind can do and Volvo automotive designer Julien Fesquet is proving once again he can create something fresh, innovative, and functional.

This isn’t the first time the designer has presented a shoe design. He shared a slew of interesting pairs a few years ago. There’s also the MICHELIN Sneakers posted prior to the NIKE Bubble MAX. The latter is the latest shoe design the top sports shoe brand may consider bringing into production.

Designer: Julien Fesquet

NIKE Bubble MAX Design

From the Nike Air Max series, sneakerheads may someday start their Nike Bubble Max collection. Of course, it still is a concept but like most unique designs from the brand, this will sell. But then again, the same pair will be hated by people with trypophobia (fear of clusters of bumps or holes).

Never mind those who have an aversion to bubbles. The Nike Bubble Max is designed with a different sole we’re assuming this works similarly to the decades-old Air Max technology. The material of the bubbly sole could also be the same with some flexible rubber with translucent Air units.

NIKE Bubble MAX Sneakers

NIKE Bubble MAX Images

The closest Nike Air model we remember is the Nike Air VaporMax. That one featured a lightweight air cushion platform, integrated TPU lugs, and integrated rubber pods. Like the AirVaporMax, the Nike Bubble Max’s bubble outsole could be there to provide enhanced traction and durability.

NIKE Bubble MAX Design Concept

NIKE Bubble MAX Concept

The image renders show an upper with a dotted pattern that looks and we’re guessing feels like scales. It could be something similar to what was used on the Nike Zoom Kobe 6 “Grinch” Protro. The large Swoosh with Bubble Max written on the side appears to be painted. The tongue area simply shows a split in the middle where the sock liner is exposed. The liner extends above the ankle, giving a high-top illusion. When it comes to real function, walking on the Nike Bubble Max may feel like you’re walking on the clouds.

NIKE Bubble MAX Where to Buy

A red square Nike tag catches attention against a neutral color combination of gray and black. The heel part is where you see a hangtag. Some text branding can be seen on select bubbles. The outsole is separated in the middle as the design shows us these “bubbles” appear to have formed naturally. There are no shoelaces so we’re assuming the pair is a slip-on.

The Nike Bubble Max looks promising if the bubble outsole will work. It should be thick and durable so those can carry the weight even of the heaviest wearers. The pair can be another unique addition to a sneakerhead’s extensive collection if and when the design gets picked up by Nike.

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NIKE Bubble MAX Concept Sneakers

NIKE Bubble MAX Sketch