Daft Punk LEGO Helmets pay the perfect tribute to the electronic duo on the anniversary of their split

A LEGO Legacy (LEGO-cy?) for the musicians behind TRON: Legacy!

Exactly a year ago, French electronic duo Daft Punk released a cryptic video titled ‘Epilogue’ on their YouTube. The video, without any words, announced that the musicians were splitting up after nearly 3 decades of redefining the electronic disco/funk genre. To pay tribute to them, LEGO builder Eliot O’Brien built out their iconic helmets out of LEGO. The design, which has nearly 4 and a half thousand votes on the LEGO Ideas dashboard, perfectly recreates the helmets’ full-face robot-inspired design. Modeled out of silver and golden bricks respectively, these small-scale ornaments perform an incredible hat-tip (or helmet-tip) to Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, better known by their official moniker, Daft Punk!

Designer: Eliot O’Brien

Eliot’s MOC (My Own Creation) features the two helmets mounted on display stands. While he took the liberty of using chrome bricks for realism, Eliot mentions that they can be swapped out for LEGO’s own flat silver and pearl gold colors “without compromising too much on the overall look.”

“The mainly-curved shapes were a great challenge to figure out with LEGO bricks, especially with Guy-Manuel’s helmet,” Eliot mentions. He did, however, figure out a neat workaround by using (or ‘sampling’ in music parlance) the windshield from the LEGO Star Wars UCS Slave-I build.

“I am a huge fan of Daft Punk’s music and would personally love to see an idea like this become an official set”, Eliot mentions. The MOC currently has 219 days left to reach 10,000 votes for LEGO’s team to turn it into a retail box-set.