This micro resort in remote Finland is made from three prefab tiny timber cabins!

We love tiny homes, but you know what’s even better? Tiny hotels! This tiny hotel is nestled in remote Finland and is made of three prefabricated cabins. Studio Puisto is a Helsinki-based architecture firm that designed a new, modular accommodation that can enable people to open boutique resorts anywhere! Post the pandemic, this is pretty much the dream job that combines social distancing and remote work.

The studio collaborated with nature tourism entrepreneur Kari Vainio and installed the first prototype in the forest of Hyvinkää, Finland. One 1,205-square-foot, U-shaped villa is the core of the layout and consists of two accompanying studio units. All three units come with a keyless check-in system and ready-made furniture. Uni means “dream” in Finnish and it alludes to the dreams that aspiring hospitality entrepreneurs will be able to fulfill their own micro-resorts that won’t require the big capital investment that hotels do. This first Uni Villa even won the title of Best in Finland in 2020! Two courses were designed by Canadian golf course architect Thomas McBroom and are set in the most pristine environment between a natural forest and a lake.

The U-shaped blocks can be delivered via standard truck and are made to sit on a compact foundation. Uni Villa’s dark exteriors feature cross-laminated timber that helps the structure blend into the forest. The cladding is treated with a breathable and ecological dark oil stain that creates uniformity with the environment. The suites are furnished in dark wood and earthy textiles while the studio décor is much lighter in color to give both a distinct spatial personality. The CMF and aesthetic palettes are inspired by the natural world with neutral furniture and gray, stone-like bathroom tiles.

While the architects created a getaway that is the epitome of modern, cozy, and modularity, they also gave importance to sustainability. “Sustainability and a low environmental impact are key values in our design process. These values correlate with the current state of how people want to connect with nature to gain calm,” said the team. Micro resorts and tiny hotels can boost the economy and flexible lifestyle without causing the environmental disruption that comes with constructing big resorts and hotel chaings. The future is all about small and sustainable!

Designer: Studio Puisto