This eco-friendly camping lantern is ideal for campers who value multipurpose accessories

When preparing for adventures in the outdoors, a flashlight is a must-have EDC camping accessory. But like every other thing you’re packing, you’d want a flashlight that does more than show you the way. This is where a sustainably crafted option you can hang like the lantern in the camp comes in.

The eco-friendly camping lantern designed by Seongju Kim is an embodiment of this thought. The camping lantern, as it is referred to, is made completely from reusable materials, which is a good way to help the environment and keep the camping area clean. When camping, multifunctional accessories are a key to thriving in the wild. The flashlight that can be used as a lantern to light up the tent helps campers prepare for the night.

Designer: Seongju Kim

Ideal for campers who value multipurpose accessories they can stuff in the backpack, a lantern-like this, ensures you leave no trace in the great outdoors and have a guiding light as and when needed. For the convenience of use, the lantern’s body is made from aluminum, while the insulated handle is made from wood. The most essential strap, which instantly facilitates the accessory to be used as a lantern from a flashlight, is made from pinatex material, which is extracted from pineapple leaves.

The aluminum body at the neck features a swiveling mechanism to turn the lantern on and off. While the idea of designing a lantern using all recyclable and reusable material is a big respite for many, I’m still edgy! The designer hasn’t shared the way this lantern would generate power, ideally, it would run on battery. But we have seen solar-powered flashlights and lanterns in the past, presumably, an addition of solar charging on this one would have been a beneficial choice in addition to sustainable build.