Creative folding chair uses a flat wooden frame for rigidity, and flexible cords for comfortable seating

Quite unlike any of the folding chairs you may have seen around you, on the internet, or even on this website, this creative little number comes from Jon 117 SP, a designer based out of Léon, Mexico. Simply titled the Collapsible Wood Chair, the seating uses two almost-identical wooden profiles with a thick paracord weaving between the both of them to form the seat and backrest. The paracord does two essential things – not only does it make sitting feel comfortable (unlike wood or metal which feels rigid), but it also adds a flexible element to the seat where it folds together, allowing the chair to collapse flat when you’re not sitting on it.

The chair uses two pretty thick plywood panels on each side, with machined details that allow for the paracord to weave through. When shut, the paracord hangs loosely between the two wooden panels that are placed together, but when you need to open the chair, simply pull the panels apart and the paracord becomes taut, allowing you to comfortably sit on the chair. How does the chair stay open without folding flat while you’re seated? Simple, two X-shaped details between the front and rear legs that let you ‘lock’ the chair into its open position whenever needed. Pretty clever, isn’t it?

Designer: Jon 117 SP