Innovative handheld dishwasher uses a high-pressure jet of steam to clean dishes without chemicals or soap

With a nozzle inspired by a water-saving showerhead, the Dayoo Kitchen Steam Cleaner & Dishwasher permits you to use less water to clean more dishes in mere minutes.

The contemporary dishwasher is a marvel of design and engineering… but it does have a few distinct flaws. For starters, it’s like a carwash for utensils. The nozzle within the dishwasher just senselessly sprays hot water in every possible direction, hoping to get food and grime off your utensils. It doesn’t necessarily target stains because it doesn’t ‘see’ them, and it wastes a massive amount of water trying to clean all your utensils regardless of their quantity and how they’ve been arranged on the trays. Washing utensils in your kitchen sink, however, is much more resource-efficient because you use an appropriate amount of water for a given set of utensils. The problem, though, is that it requires effort manually scrubbing grime off your utensils. Dayoo hybridizes both devices, combining them into one kitchen solution that relies on the best of both worlds.

Designer: Dayoo Design

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Sitting on your kitchen counter with the demeanor of a sleek EV Charging Station, Dayoo is, in fact, a handheld dishwasher that uses a high-pressure jet of hot steam to clean and sterilize your dishes. Designed to make cleaning utensils faster, effective, and energy-efficient, Dayoo’s high-pressure jet uses a spray of tiny water droplets heated to temperatures of 221°F (105°C) to clean dirt off your plate in seconds without soaking, soaping, or scrubbing (or even getting your hands dirty or greasy).

The heated steam does a more efficient job of getting grease and food off your plates and spoons, and the aerated nozzle uses less water than any traditional faucet, saving you time and water in the process. In fact, spraying your dishes clean with Dayoo is just about as easy as watering your plants, say its creators.

Dayoo hopes to offer a more effective and affordable alternative to those massive, expensive, water-hungry and power-guzzling dishwashers you find on the market. Not everyone has the space or the budget for a dishwasher, but everyone has to wash dishes, so Dayoo takes the dishwasher’s key benefits and condenses it into a small $159 appliance that fits in any kitchen, and can be used to clean more than just your dishes.

The entire device is about as uncomplicated as it gets. A wall-mounted module pressurizes and heats the water up, and a hand-shower lets you spray-clean your utensils. The entire system comes with one single stepless dial that lets you choose the water pressure intensity, and a trigger on the hand-shower lets you deploy the hot steam to clean your dishes. Dayoo can heat water up to temperatures of 221°F, which obviously raises safety concerns, but the company behind the appliance says that as long as your hand is 4 inches away from the nozzle, you’re fine. The dispersed jets of water droplets cool down pretty fast, and if you’re even slightly concerned, just pop on a pair of rubber kitchen gloves.

It’s recommended that you hold your Dayoo 0.8 inches or 2 centimeters away from your dishes to clean them effectively. As soon as the steam is released, it cools down to 122°F or 50°C, making it safe for utensils and other objects but tough on stains. The purpose of the heated steamy water, Dayoo’s engineering team highlights, is to help get tough stains out of dishes and objects. The heated water lets you clean exceptionally dirty utensils and objects without using solvents and chemicals, and Dayoo’s hand-shower even sports a swappable nozzle system that feels reminiscent of a vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner comparison feels even more apt considering the Dayoo appliance can plug out of your wall too. Designed to be carried around and used around your house Dayoo lets you even steam-clean stains from your stovetop, chimney, kitchen exhaust, oven rack, and even barbecue grill. The swappable nozzle can be replaced for one with a nozzle + scouring pad to clean grease and sticky residue, and the steam-based cleaning system works well as a mild chemical-free sterilizer too, allowing you to sterilize objects like your baby’s toys, bottles, etc. while even cleaning tables, pet-dishes, handles, surfboards, ski-boards, and your car or bicycle as well.

Sure Dayoo is still a manual, hand-operated cleaning tool, but what it lacks in the automated department (compared to your dishwasher), it more than makes up for by being a versatile cleaning gizmo that lets you swiftly and effectively clean/sterilize more than just your dishes. Its affordable nature means you can even own two separate Dayoo devices – one for your kitchen, and another to keep in your store-room or garage, for around-the-house cleaning.

Clean without worrying about any electrical problems.

The compact and affordable device (which begins shipping this month) is easy to install and doesn’t require any specific skilled expertise. It can attach to a variety of surfaces, from drywalls to marble, glass, ceramic tiles, concrete, and even wood using either adhesive strips or a nail-based mounting system (both of which come along with your Dayoo). Also along with the Dayoo appliance, come two nozzles, a silicon scrubbing pad, a measuring cup, and an oven mitt. Dayoo is convenient, compact, energy-efficient, budget-friendly, IPX6 water-resistant, child-safe, and ships with a 1-year warranty as well as a 7-day return period.

Click Here to Buy Now: $159 $249 (36% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $330,000.