Ford Clint self-driving car concept envisions more private carpooling

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The discussion on the future of travel has always been open. It’s actually unclear since we still live in a pandemic world. But like anything, there are endless solutions to problems that often arise.

A young Polish industrial designer has recently introduced a design that may be considered by those who believe in carpooling. Mikołaj Nicer teamed up with Ford Europe to complete the design. The project was developed last year with the aim of improving the vehicle interior as a response to the time.

Designer: Mikolaj Nicer

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Two years into this pandemic, people around the world are still thinking of ways how to improve everything in their life whether at home, for work, business, or even transportation. Moving from one point to another is still crucial. There are groups that still carpool but with social distancing still being encouraged, it’s important this part is considered.

For commuters, privacy is more important than ever. CLINT is a solution for people who want flexibility. Those who want privacy while still in a cramped space can trust the Clint to give them that.

Clint Car Travel InteriorThe CLINT is mainly a special design of a vehicle interior. It includes a separate entrance for every passenger. Every traveler is given the chance to spruce up the space for all your individual demands. The era of autonomous vehicles may still be in its early stages but it can be fun to imagine the possibilities. Commuters can find it helpful they can enjoy the interiors that suit their needs.


The CLINT offers different modes. There is the Social Mode where all passengers can interact. The Pair Mode is for two people. The Privacy Mode is for those who really want to be alone and be separated from other passengers.

Clint Ford Social Mode 2

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Vehicle interior design is promising. It’s being explored these days more than ever. There is a call to go smart and sustainable. But in this world where we’re getting used to not seeing people outside the comfort of our home, a bit of privacy matters.

Clint Ford Future of Commuting

Mikolaj Nicer’s design for the interior vehicle appears like a futuristic business class seat on your favorite airline. There’s also a small table where you can place your smartphone or laptop—just like inside the airplane.

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The future of commuting will soon be transformed with innovations like this. Such give us hope of a future that is mindful of others’ privacy, protection, and purpose.

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