This ultra-modern café racer is crafted for techy riders with style quotient

A striking café racer not afraid to break the norms, and appeal to the young generation who prefer sleek motorbikes that impress in vivid skins. A power-packed ride that’s made for healthy street brawls for fun on the weekends, and regular commutes on weekdays!

Café racers are the perfect substitute for hardcore sports bikes – after all the former are stripped-down versions of original bikes. This gives café racer motorcycles an advantage of speed and maneuverability. Most of these two-wheelers have a definitive classic charm to them, and it is refreshing to see a cool café racer with a futuristic appeal. On the same lines, the Neopilen electro neo-café racer concept is a motorcycle designed for Husqvarna Motorcycles, a Swedish-origin Austrian company, carrying a distinct design language.

Designer: Onkar H

The bike is dominated by creased silhouettes on the side body panel and the front stance. Designer Onkar H says the inspiration for the vertical architecture design comes from the Sarolea motors’ high-performance electric motorcycles. The rear has a very revealing stance with the body frame fusing into the seat in a concave shape. Talking of the body panel, it reminds me of the Xbox Series X – not only because of the rectangular aesthetics but the presence of a fluorescent color (of the Xbox logo) and the cool blue ambiance near the tank.

The bike has a dominant high positioned stance with ample ground clearance to tilt on the corners or take on the extremely inclined roads in the hills. The renders here point towards Neopilen being the perfect accomplice for short sprints and showing off skills like wheelies. The electric bike takes a detour from the conventional dark-skin hues of lean and mean street riders – and that’s destined to catch eyeballs no matter what.