Bike Courtesy of Aircraft Manufacturing Technology

This doesn’t happen every day. A Tbilisi based aircraft manufacturing company contacts you and asks for a proposal on a bike that utilizes aluminum square tubes. It has to look modern, out of the ordinary, aerodynamic and turn heads. The result is the Spider. The main frame is made by welding aluminum tubes and the chain stays are cold stamped together. The spokes are purposely kinked to look like our arachnid friends. Hmm…

Designer: Zviad Tsikolia for Tsikolia Design R&D Ltd.

Spider Bike by Zviad Tsikolia forTsikolia Design R&D Ltd.



  • Hartigan says:

    Fugly as hell!

  • anon amos says:

    the body looks rigid.. but the rims are fugly.. seriously fugly.

  • mif991 says:

    This is a design that shouldn’t have happened. It does not have any attractive sides to it and there is no innovation whatsoever.

  • Paul says:

    Cold stamped?? Just an example of why I find many things on this site extremely ‘student-level’.. Lots of chrome renders and no actual viable product or thought to manufacturability and functionality. Bicycle design peaked with a standard diamond steel frame. Simple, elegant, no bull shit. Enough with these bike designs… Though, at the very least, this isn’t another ‘hub-less’ bike concept..

  • Hello and thanks for your comments notwithstanding
    that is positive or negative.
    Let me correct some production technology detales.
    It is not cold stamping, main frame is made from sheet alu and after welded. This is ordinary aircraft manufacturing technology. Regarding chain stay, rims and spokes that are made by CNC also from alu. This bike will be very limited edition and people they are wondering for this bike mass production can sleep softly. 😉

    With kind regards
    Zviad Tsikolia

  • Ankaj kumar says:

    i like your design and concept

  • Ankaj kumar says:

    i like your design and concept

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