Unique EDC clip lets you suspend all your belongings to your backpack for truly hands-free traveling

If I have trouble describing exactly what the CLIPIT 2.0 is, and what it does, it’s probably because we’re looking at a device that does so many different things together, it really has no concrete definition. The CLIPIT 2.0 is a simple clip-shaped device that functions as a uniquely versatile multitool. It works as a hands-free device, letting you magnetically or elastically suspend items to it, and at its very base, its clip-shaped design lets it mount itself anywhere. Not entirely sure what I mean? Well, let’s dive deeper.

Designer: MADD

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Designed to be minimal in form yet maximal in function, the CLIPIT 2.0 is a clip-shaped device that can hold onto a range of objects. The clip itself can be attached anywhere, from your pocket lining to your backpack strap, and it comes with an elastic band that lets you tuck a range of devices into it, from sunglasses to stationery, and tech accessories to other EDC gadgets.

The versatile clip-shaped design allows the CLIPIT 2.0 to be used in a variety of fashions. It closely resembles a money clip and functions as one too, holding both cards and cash, although the CLIPIT 2.0 is capable of much more. Its clip-like form attaches to the shoulder straps on your sling bag or backpack, and an elastic band integrated into the CLIPIT 2.0’s body functions like a rubber band, letting you carry items by simply tucking them into the band, so that your hands remain free.

The elastic band comes with a non-slip pattern for added friction, so items that are tucked in don’t slip out. In fact the band’s non-slip design also lets you use it to prevent your bag’s straps from sliding off your shoulders. A single CLIPIT 2.0 lets you organize multiple bag straps together (in case you’re carrying both your laptop backpack and your gym bag at the same time), although 2 CLIPITs help you seal the deal, giving you the ability to carry more than one bag on your shoulders without having the straps rub against each other or slide off.

As versatile as the CLIPIT 2.0 is, its add-on accessories make it all the more useful. A magnetic MBand lets you magnetically attach objects to your CLIPIT device, and a circular magnetic plate (which you can stick to the back of your smartphone or AirPods case) allows you to easily snap gadgets to your CLIPIT 2.0 too. For outdoor enthusiasts, the CLIPIT 2.0 also supports the integration of a dog-tag-shaped multitool device that tucks right into the CLIPIT’s elastic band. The accessories, however, are optional add-ons and can be purchased based on your niche requirements.

As a nonslip pad.

As a money clip.

As a phone stand.

Install it on a sling bag.

Each CLIPIT 2.0 is stamped and folded out of sheet metal, allowing it to have a robust, sturdy design without necessarily racking up high manufacturing costs. The entire device weighs a mere 18 grams, measures 1 x 2.36 inches in size. Deliveries begin in June 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $27 $45 (40% discount). Only 12/170 left. Hurry, less than 72 hours to go!