Creator Club’s Online Masterclass helps you learn how to successfully crowdfund your ideas into real products

Ideas come cheap, free even… but developing them into real products can often be a tricky, challenging road. Creator Club, a Delaware-based company, is hoping to make traveling down that road simpler, by offering masterclasses that help visionaries turn into entrepreneurs, and ideas turn into real products that impact real lives.

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Like a for Product Entrepreneurs, Creator Club is the first community-based membership and e-learning platform for tech and design startups that helps you master the product development process, using crowdfunding (Kickstarter/Indiegogo), e-Commerce, Amazon, and other strategies to bring ideas to life and turn them into products that drive sales.

In crowdfunding over 70% of tech and design crowdfunded projects fail to reach their funding goal. Even for the ones who succeed, the product development process is filled with twists and turns that more often than not end up causing delays to the launch date – many will be familiar with the international chip shortage – a problem that’s seen a whole host of tech crowdfunding campaigns put an indefinite pause on their projects. Startups often lack the needed knowledge, resources, support, and encouragement to have an increased chance of success – the Creator Club hopes to change that.

Unlike Masterclass, Udemy, Skillshare, and other learning platforms that just offer a fixed catalog of online videos, Creator Club is a dynamic membership-based club of budding entrepreneurs who can learn from mentors and experts as well as network and share their learnings with each other. Members of Creator Club get access to over 20 classes with seasoned industry experts, 100+ hours of content and complementing material, exclusive articles, interviews, resources, and webinars, as well as deals worth $10,000 from vetted service providers to help bootstrap your product development and launch processes. CreatorClub’s initial focus is crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and classes range from product-market validation, campaign planning, project marketing, and analysis, all the way to Facebook ads, PR, and influencer marketing. Upcoming classes in the continued membership program will teach creators how to succeed at running their Amazon store, e-Commerce & Shopify, Shipping & Logistics, Production, Retail & Distribution, Acquisitions & Exits, and more.

Finally, the membership in itself connects you to hundreds of different entrepreneurs who are on the same path as you, allowing you to network with different creators, collaborate, help each other out, and learn from their mistakes. Each cohort/session enrolls 100 applicants, to allow mentors to individually engage with each of the participants, giving them undivided attention and bespoke advice to help them on their product journey. If you have a game-changing idea that just doesn’t seem to move past the napkin-sketch stage, enroll in the Creator Club using the link below!

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