This compact + unidirectional phone gimbal brings convenience and function to solo vlogging

Fountain Studio came about with this cool gimbal for phones after reverse-engineering the existing products. It is like an EDC – a gimbal that brings the benefits of market-leading stabilizers minus the weight and volume!

Smartphones have become more of an extension of our body one can say. The compactness and multitude of utilities of this revolutionary gadget have made it a staple for almost everyone on the planet. The phone can be your trusted photography buddy for clicks in a jiffy or a creative tool for making some pressing videos. This is where a good quality gimbal for your phone comes into play – adding a layer of professional stabilization to otherwise shaky footage or action shots.

The current best options on the market for a trusted phone gimbal come in the form of Zhiyun Smooth 4 which has a lot of useful buttons and apps. Not far behind is the DJI OM 4 gimbal which is more suited for Apple users. While both these options are great, I certainly crave something that’s lightweight, has a compact form factor and is easy to keep with you at all times. And of course, an option that’s not as pricey as the ones on the market – most newbie content creators don’t have that sum of money to invest on a gimbal alone!

Fountain Studio seems to have struck the right notes with their proposed concept for a smartphone gimbal for solo content creators who longed for such an accessory. The Gimbal Griptok doesn’t come with the baggage of bulkiness and boasts an ergonomic design. The actuation of movement is done with the onboard inertial measurement device (IMU) and the brushless motor which provides the subtle corrections for resulting stable footage. Another problem the gimbal addresses is the extension of the cradle to the left or right to hold the phone in position.

The design studio went ahead with testing and verifying the size and usability of the gimbal design. Finally, the 3D printing technique was used to create the prototype. This prototype (and hopefully the final product) uses MagSafe technology to keep the gimbal secured to the phone at all times. For other devices, the magnet accessory attaches to the back of the phone and on top goes the Gimbal Griptok. The user can rotate the phone at any angle and any direction with this gimbal – which is a great advantage for vloggers.

Designer: Fountain Studio