Visually pleasing artwork to calm and satisfy your inner Marie Kondo!

Adam Hillman (@witenry) calls himself an ‘Object Arranger’, and he is a mighty good one indeed! From fruits to chocolates to pins, Hillman can arrange almost every kind of object there is. His attention to detail, precision, organizational skills, and artfulness makes all his pieces unique and exquisite! They will satisfy your inner Marie Kondo or Monica Gellar! The neatness of his pieces will instantly make you feel calm, and fill you with a sense of peace. Enjoy these beautiful pieces of art, and maybe you could derive some inspiration on how to arrange your household items!

This arrangement of oranges is Hillman’s most popular work! The piece comprises of unpeeled oranges, peeled oranges with the white skin on, cut up oranges, and only the peels as well. It’s a beautiful geometric arrangement that must have taken a lot of time, patience, and precision!

This piece is called a ‘Boxed Meal’, and it truly is a balanced well-rounded diet, with everything you can think of included in it! From vegetable pieces to candies, this hexagonal boxed meal is precision heaven!

These multicolored lollipops arranged in fading hues are a bright pop of sweetness! Some of them have been unwrapped, while some of them are still wrapped, creating an interesting mix and match combo!

This pinwheel created using pins with different colored heads is a colorful and neat piece! I would love to arrange my pins like these…if I could!

Diverse LEGO blocks arranged according to their colors! This piece is playful and interesting, and a major source of inspiration for how you could arrange your child’s LEGO bricks!

Hillman’s fruit work is immaculate! He used different types of apples, some shaved, some not, to create an intriguing piece that showcases triangles and diamonds!

This wonderfully arranged set of gummy bears makes me want to swallow them up instantly! But first, let’s admire their intricate and delicate arrangement.

This piece represents the ‘Shapes of Coffee’! I’m honestly quite befuddled by it, but it perfectly captures the various shades and depths of coffee.

I’m sure you remember Crayola?! These crayons were a major part of our childhood. Although I do wish I had Hillman’s organizational skills when I was younger, I could have arranged my crayons in a much better manner.

Marshmallows, chocolate bars, and cookies! This sweet arrangement is every chocolate lover’s heaven!