Renault 2026 Clio cocoons occupants in luxury with optional functionality of working on the go

A 2026 Renault hatchback concept for future commuters who will be on the lookout for vehicles that come with the promise of relaxing comfort and working ergonomics.

Renault is a time-tested brand, and the Clio 6 hatchback in the camp resonates that promise of reliability. Taking the Clio 6 as inspiration, designer Seungbin Kim has penned his vision of a futuristic, self-driving Clio VI set in the year 2026. Like other future car concepts we’ve seen in the past, the four-wheeler emphasizes the whole experience of a journey laden in luxury and comfort. In a way, the ride brings the freedom of working, lounging, and of course driving.

Designer: Seungbin Kim

As we are getting used to automation and the idea of traveling in personal vehicles in the most cocooned comfort, the shift towards lounge-like interior design of cars will become commonplace. The fully-automated or semi-automated modes will bring in the liberty of cruising at 100 mph on the freeway while sipping a mojito in the driver’s seat. The interior of the Clio VI is divided into two contrasting feels to coincide with the multiple ways in which drivers and passengers can use it to their advantage.

The front has a very solid feeling while the rear radiates a soft and welcoming aura. The positioning of the seats is toggled based on the three different modes – driving mode, working mode or relaxing mode. In the relaxing mode, the front seat completely retracts in a horizontal position to align with the rear seat for a lounger configuration. The central console box is divided into two layers – the top one being a wireless charging compartment and the bottom one for normal storage. The internal airy ambiance is themed around the lights of the city and nature. That justifies the use of materials like grained pattern polyester. Bio-fabric, frosted glass and LEDs. The exterior follows suit in light colors contrasted with the light gray on the bumpers and wheels.