Renault’s switchable cabin pod comes with 2 design interiors to perfect the work-life balance

Urban spaces are getting constricted by the day, and the situation isn’t going to improve in the near future by the look of things. There are countless design iterations that aim to get over this predicament when it comes to mobility in the overcrowded streets. One thing that could however change is the way we balance our work and leisure life. Can’t it be more seamless, set up in a personal space that makes traversing from one place to the other complete fun?

Designer Jun Young Kim’s Renault E.O (Everybody Own Your Space) is a hyper pod of the future – which is more like a second home – giving one the flexibility to be ultra-productive in a distraction-free ambient environment or simply relax with family and friends enjoying the visual elements that traverse you to a place of calm and serenity. The smart glass encapsulating the upper section of the pod can be set to any natural environment mimicking the scene to isolate yourself from the chaos of the outside world. It has two separate modes – Working Day and Resting Day which have interiors tailored for the specific profile. The former is more airy and casual while the latter has a professional set up with things like a movable display and focus aiding distraction-free setup.

The whole idea of this concept design by Jun is to give the user the utmost freedom while in commute to wind-up in a relaxed space or be ready for a quick meeting with an important client. What’s more, the two cabin modes can be ordered as and when required or even exchanged from the service provider. These cabins fit as easily as a Lego piece in the movable pod, so you could be in the beast mode for the complete week and then exchange it up for the weekends to get some quality time. Getting the benefits of both the cabins in one design, what’s better than that!

Designer: Jun Young Kim