This Type 251-inspired Bugatti speedster is built for hair-raising drag races on the streets

You won’t bet on Bugatti creating a speedster any time soon although they stunned us all with the new lightweight Bolide. To fill this void, designer Alessio Minchella and 3D modeling concept artist Luigi Memola have brought to life a roofless Bugatti speedster that’s absolutely stunning. They like to call their concept “Type 251 Evo” and it’s based on the highly acclaimed production super sports car, the Bugatti Chiron. This head-turner draws inspiration from the classic Type 251 designed by Italian engineer Gioacchino Colombo of Ferrari fame. The race car was completed in 1955 and eventually taken for a spin in the 1956 French Grand Prix.

The vision to design this desirable Bugatti is to have a street-legal race car that has the signature Chiron DNA, still being lightweight and overshadowing the “C” design element customary to the fastest Bugatti ever. The technical bits of the speedster has been retained from the Chiron (obviously) – the wheelbase, wheel size, steering wheel, seating position, dimensions, rear wing springs and even the mounts. This makes one get the feeling that this is a more open Chiron on steroids, ready for any drag race battle on the streets. Quite intimidating, we can say!

Right from penning down the sketches for the basic skeletal of the Type 251 Evo to the final 3D modeling, the duo made it a point to incorporate the design language of the first-ever rear-engined F1 car, the classic Bugatti racer Type 251. The speedster is a cross between the vintage racing culture and the modern street legal adrenaline rush, that’s pretty rare these days. The sleek flowing lines and the toned muscular character of the concept are so inviting. The first time we set our eyes on this sleek beauty, the intention was to hit the roads and drive it till our legs went numb!

Designer: Alessio Minchella and Luigi Memola (EPTA Design)