Insanely modified Chevy Camaro looks like something from a futuristic cyberpunk universe

In a world without the DMC DeLorean, Saleem’s Chevy Camaro concept could be a suitable replacement in Back To The Future.

Incredible body kit. Check. Wild LED lights. Check. Transparent hood panels. Check. Airless tires? Also, check. On a scale of one to ‘Would embarrass a Hot Wheel car designer’, Khyzyl Saleem’s custom Camaro build hits a solid double-digit, with its wild build quality that we’ve come to expect from the automotive concept designer.

Designer: Khyzyl Saleem

Saleem’s reinterpretation of what seems like a 1969 Camaro, believe it or not, was originally created for his music venture, Carbon Citizens. However, the car’s design deserves much more credit than simply serving the role of album art. The car’s gun-metal paint job and wide body kit give it an incredibly bold presence – a presence that’s simply accentuated by the car’s razor-thin ‘I see through your BS’ headlights.

Saleem’s Camaro concept does a great job of knowing where to be curvy, and where to be edgy. It retains its retro stylings, however, the car isn’t afraid to show off some unique details, including the inverted hood that also sports four cutouts that let you peer into the belly of the beast. Move your eye a little further to the side and the tires are, in fact, airless (they look a lot like the Michelin ones).

The rear, believe it or not, proves to be more interesting than the front (yes I’m still talking about the Camaro). An oddly placed vent on the top feels highly reminiscent of the engine air intake seen on F1 automobiles… while the area right below the taillight is entirely bare. It seems like Saleem’s Camaro completely ditches the boot, exposing the car’s incredibly wide rear treads and those two deadly exhausts.