Furniture meets vacuum cleaner with this bagless design that hides in a cork sidetable

Make way for this cork-body vacuum cleaner – a fascinating concept that conceives a vacuum cleaner in a sustainable form factor that can double as furniture after use.

The market is flooded with corded, cordless, bagged, and bagless vacuum cleaners.  These are now stylish for modern interiors, absolutely noiseless, and of course, don’t leave behind trash to clean. But unfortunately, after using all of them need to be stacked in the corner for they wouldn’t play out for any other purpose. This conceptual appliance emphasizes the proposition of reuse. When not being used for its intended purpose of cleaning, the entire contraption can retire into a cylindrical body which then functions as furniture.

This intriguing concept for a vacuum cleaner is not only multipurpose in design, it is also sustainable in construction. The storage section of the vac is made from cork, which is biodegradable and has a warm ambiance to it. The vacuum pipes and other parts are designed in a manner to be stored within the cork shell that then neatly covers using a lid. The possibility of concealing the entire appliance from sight saves valuable space at home and leaves the vacuum to still be used in the open with a different purpose.

Measuring about 45cm in height, it can be used at home as an additional piece of furniture, for instance as a side table or even as a stool. The parts on the inside of the contraption, except for the motor of the vacuum cleaner, are all made out of biodegradable plastic. The mouth of this cork storage container is closed using interchangeable lids made from darkened ash, which allows it also to be used as a chair in one configuration. For the functionality of the vacuum, it is a cylindrical bagless model which can be used for extensive cleaning and then packed back for a different purpose.

Designers: Ivo Erichsen and Tobbias Bihlmeyer