This Hyundai’s Genesis EV Home Chargers sleek aesthetic gives the Tesla wall connector new design goals

Designed after a thorough understanding of the market and the user requirements, this charger is classy in aesthetics and durable in approach as the Genesis itself, from where it picks its design cues. Incorporating the visual and emotional luxury of Hyundai’s premium brand Genesis, the charger is a result of people’s interaction with the traditional chargers and the entire experience of fueling their vehicles.

Home chargers for electric vehicles are becoming a common sight as more and more customers are treading the EV route. The need for compact and user-centric EV chargers is felt more than ever before and in that case, an option designed for the Hyundai’s premium Genesis begs for attention.
The common hindrance with the present-day EV chargers is the amount of space they occupy in the parking; their stiff and tangling cords; and most importantly the height of these chargers which is not adjustable. Addressing these drawbacks in the design and complementing the top-notch material, styling and pleasant driving dynamics of the Genesis – Citrus Design has fashioned the Genesis EV Home Charger.

Staying true to the design elements of the Genesis, which is currently in a transition phase to going purely electric by 2025, the Genesis EV Home Charger first improvises on the long cables of the chargers with the introduction of a reel attached to the main unit for cable management. With its swift pull, the extended part of the cable – pulled out for charging – rolls back in place smoothly, without posing any danger to the people nearby.

The Genesis EV Home Charger is not decorative in appearance; it’s more practically designed to be more weather resistant to withstand the elements and day-to-day wear and tear. The circular charger comes built-in with a digital display to show the information regarding charging status and other vital details. To wrap up its uniqueness, this Citrus-designed EV charger features a height-adjustable form factor for the convenience of all users and locations. The wall-mounted charger comes with RFID tag reader for instant recognition and as iterated, offers a Genesis-like luxury experience and convenience at the time of charging as well!

Designer: Citrus Design