The ‘Loop’ travel pillow comfortably wraps around your neck to give you the soft support you need

I’ll admit it’s been a significant while since I’ve traveled internationally, although a staple accessory to long flights is my neck pillow… an object I truly have a love-hate relationship with. I have to confess that I love the IDEA of a neck pillow. I’m a lanky dude with a long neck and it does ache when I try to catch a nap on long journeys, however, I’ve never been able to find the perfect neck pillow. I’ve tried those inflatable ones (they’re horrible), the microbead ones (they’re average), and my current go-to is a memory foam one – it provides the right amount of stiffness, but the shape doesn’t suit me. Fast forward to the year 2022 and I come across the Vesta Loop Pillow which just has me asking… what if I could ‘design’ the shape of my neck pillow?

Designers: Vesta Sleep & Zhenyu Gu

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Most accurately described as a flexible neck-noodle, the Loop Pillow redefines the archetype of a U-shaped neck pillow. Its infinitely adjustable loop design lets you tightly or loosely wind it around your neck, and gives you the right amount of lift near your shoulder to rest your head. The pillow’s innovation lies in the fact that it isn’t designed like a pillow… if you personally ask me, it reminds me of the neck rings worn by the Ndebele tribal folk in Africa, albeit MUCH more comfortable.

The pillow’s flexible design lets you adjust it in a way that’s useful for all sorts of sleeping positions, be it with your head resting forwards, on the sides, or even the back. The Loop Pillow comes made from a thermo-sensitive memory foam that molds perfectly to the contours of your neck, and a moisture-wicking, breathable outer cover that keeps your neck and head dry. The cover comes with two colors, corresponding to the pillow’s warm side and cool side, letting you effectively choose what gives you more comfort.

Unique ‘gooseneck’ inner structure maintains the pillow’s structure and support while also making it easily customizable.

Thermo-sensitive memory foam molds perfectly to the contours of your neck to help maintain natural alignment.

The Loop Pillow, although perfect for travel, works in other scenarios too. Its ability to support and comfort the neck makes it perfect for long work hours, so you don’t develop a strained or sore neck from hunching in front of your laptop.

Its compact shape means you can easily carry it on trips once global traveling resumes with full force… hopefully soon.

Each Loop Pillow comes with a machine-washable case that lets you keep the pillow fresh and clean (nobody likes a sweaty, musty pillow), along with earplugs and a soft bamboo-fabric eye-mask. You can even upgrade your purchase to include a dual-sided hypoallergenic travel blanket made from the same silky-soft bamboo fabric!

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $178 (44% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $170,000.