These customizable backpack grid organizers are every stationery lover’s best travel partners

We all have our own personal checklists while stuffing our backpacks before leaving the house. I know I can’t leave without the paperback I’m currently reading, my writing pad, wallet, point-and-shoot, hand sanitizer, chapstick, keys, cell phone. And that’s just for my walk to the grocery store. I mostly rely on those free tote bags you get with magazine subscriptions – they get the job done, but by the time I get home, digging for my keys buried underneath everything else gets tiring. Fritsch-Durisotti, a creative studio based in Paris, launched their line of backpacks and companion organizers, Fil & Fog so that we can bring our own “little universe of personal items” with us anywhere we go, leaving the hassles of clutter and disorganization at home.

The designers behind Fil & Fog set out to construct a backpack built to last and accompanying organizers that can keep up with our passions, no matter where they might take us. For Fritsch-Durisotti’s Fil & Fog, passion is found in its construction. TPU coating is applied to every backpack and organizer, which enhances both products’ impermeability factors and also allows room for untraditional, but effective textile assembly methods. High-frequency welding, for instance, a plastic welding process that relies on high-frequency electric fields, gives Fil & Fog’s backpack and organizers their high resistance threshold and water-tightness. Elastic bands come with each organizer so that they are completely customizable for each user’s needs – just weave the elastic bands through the laser-cut grids found inside each organizer and store all your items.

Once every organizer is finalized, they easily slip into a Fil & Fog backpack’s bottom compartment, which has enough room to store multiple different sized organizers at once. The backpack itself is manufactured using polyester for the bag’s fabric and recycled nylon for its lining, giving the backpack an entirely waterproof edge. An expandable top compartment can also be joined with the backpack’s lower compartment, giving the backpack an overall, generous volume of 24 liters. Like a Russian doll, the backpack holds so much more than meets the eye. Whether you’re gearing up for that solo camping trip you’ve been looking forward to all quarantine or just hitting up a local beach to spend the day, Fil & Fog is designed to make the act of carrying our passions feel a lot lighter – “Fil & Fog offers agile solutions to organize, pack, and carry the stuff we need and the stuff we love. A timeless companion that invites us to go back to what is important to us.”

Designer: Fritsch-Durisotti for Fil & Fog

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