Tap, Tap, Tappin’ on Heaven’s Door

Another iteration on the intuitive music making theme, “Jam” hails from a team at the Domus Academy where the brief was to design for basic intuitive behavior in the context of a rapidly changing, unstable beta culture. The central hub records and wirelessly links Jam together, while the touch sensitive finger-taps store and play sound clips. It goes further by allowing changes in pitch by vertically dragging it on a surface and regulating the volume with the force applied to each tap.

Designers: Jozeph Forakis, Jihee Chun, Sung Hyun Kyung & Kerri Moskow


  • says says:

    nice concept, i wouldn’t stop playing with this ever.
    nice presentation too! only i would have added a little more colour, it just looks a tad dull (if anything a colour logo). but the black and white opposed to the aqaua light cirtaintly directs us to the action areas of the product.

  • Fox says:

    Absolutely, love this. Awesome! Have been dreaming for something like this. Excellent idea to have hand motions interact with the musical landscape. I would think of this as musical finger painting. Please keep me updated on your progress. I was so disappointed to not see a video but can’t wait to see one when there is.

  • BeautifulAgony says:

    If it had ASIO support and decent low-latency, it would be a handy and space-saving way to tap out drum rhythms for laying down tracks. Using keys on a synth is ok but can be restrictive, but this seems like it would offer much more freedom, and freedom = more creativity…

  • SlinkyDink says:

    I question the durability of the finger triggers, but I want this. Now.

  • Sean says:

    How much and where?

  • Carl says:

    there are children starving to death in this world. think about that.

  • Carl says:

    haha zzzz

  • KinnyTheBandit says:

    Oh man I would play with this nonstop. These would never leave my fingers unless I was in the shower (and only if they weren’t waterproof). It’d also be awesome if they could communicate via bluetooth, allowing for many more options (like controlling your phone or pc).

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