Crocs partners with 7-11 for convenience store footwear line

For those who follow product design like us, we most likely have a list of brands that we would like to see collaborate or partner up, no matter how unlikely the two industries would meet. However, never did I imagine a Crocs and 7-Eleven team-up. To be honest, I don’t ever “ship” Crocs with any other brand given my long-standing dislike of the shoe brand. But here we are in 2022, and that’s exactly what we’re getting.

Designer: Crocs

The much-maligned but still hugely popular shoe brand will be releasing a new footwear line that was designed in collaboration with the convenience store king 7-Eleven. Again, this is not something that people have been clamoring for but if you like both brands, then this will probably be in your Christmas wishlist. It will definitely be a conversation starter if you wear something like this outdoors during the fall or winter season.

There are not many details available yet but they have released some photos of what the footwear line will look like. There is a white pair of slippers with the 7-11 (or 11/7 in the U.S) colors present in the straps. There are also two clogs, one dominantly black and one mostly orange, with the 7-11 colors on the soles. If you want to keep up with the latest update, you can sign up for a mailing list.

All three pairs also have the various jibbitz shoe charms that Crocs users love putting on their shoes. You have 7-11 logos and various popular products like the slurpee, hotdog, pizzza, etc. I wouldn’t mind having those charms but not on my shoes. And even though I love 7-11, that’s still not enough to make me want a pair of these. The footwear collaboration line will be available on, you guessed it, November 7 aka 11/7.