This height adjustable smart table with customizable modules keeps your WFH space organized

The hybrid work lifestyle is scaling new highs as work from home continues to be a way to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. Considering the altering furniture demands of users confined to their homes, designers and brands are creating smart tables integrated with features to make working from home easier. This is exactly what the new Rune Modular Table intends to do as well, in a way not imagined before.

We have seen IKEA step up to transform the entire work desk into a wireless charger and Razer design a conceptual table with separate modules users can swap and install as they desire. Continuing in the same space, designer Mok Zijie foresees an intelligent table with cleaver features like height adjustment and modules that fit seamlessly into the sockets concealed in the table’s surface.

With the Rune table and its accompanying modules, the designer intends to create a new standard of productivity for a hybrid work population that is continuously juggling – day in a day out – between different roles resulting in a cluttered table every time they set out for a new task. If you have been working from home or know someone who is caught up in the act, you will instantly relate to the problem of clutter on the table. Wires, stationary, smart devices all piled up on your work desk is a problem that needs a solution, and Rune sets out to provide that through a good quality minimalistic desk.

The Rune smart table has a slim form factor, yet holds cutouts on the surface with magnetic sockets to accommodate various modules for a lamp, speaker, wireless charger, stationery container and more. Users can customize the table – with modules of choice – from the Rune website. These modules flush right into the slots on the smart table allowing seamless visual experience. Onboard is the Rune Controller module that provides users complete control over the table and its configuration. When a new module is connected to the magnetic socket, the controlled automatically detects the installed module and offers options to control and uninstall it to make space for a new module.

If you’re struggling with a cluttered desk and storage is a primary focus, the Rune Modular Table is conceptualized to adjust to your requirements and minimize unnecessary pile up on your workstation to make it look light and clean at all times.

Designed by Mok Zijie